The great Indian blaster batsman Yuvraj Singh has given big wins over his retirement. He has said that he will retire on his own terms and he has not left the hope of returning to the Indian team. Yuvraj also said that he will continue to play IPL for 2-3 seasons.


During interview from  Live

During the interview from Starsports Live, Yuvraj said that I do not want to take retirement with any regrets. I have been thinking about playing for a few years. I will retire only when I feel that this is the time to quit cricket. Yuvraj said that when I feel that I have played my best cricket and I will not play better than that, then I will retire. I am still playing because I am still enjoying cricket.

I am not playing cricket only to play in the Indian team or IPL. However, the goal is definitely to play for the Indian team. I think I can play and play IPL 2 or 3 and I can. Yuvraj further said that my journey so far has been good. I never fear frustrated by difficulties and did not even dare in the opposite conditions.

Yuvraj Singh said

Yuvraj said that after the retirement, I want to be a support to those who are suffering from cancer or are troubled by any other problem in their life. I want people to know me as a person who never gave up. Whether I play for India or not on the field, I will always give my 100 percent.


Significantly, for the last time, Yuvraj Singh played the one-day match against the West Indies in Antigua in June 2017 for the Indian team. After that, he was out of the team due to fitness and form and not  able to return yet

The 11th season of IPL Yuvraj Singh is in Kings XI Punjab team

For the 11th season of the IPL, the team of Kings XI Punjab has included him in his team. However, this time she got a bid of only 2 crores, whereas, in 2015, she had a budget of 16 crores in 2017 and 7 crores in 2017. Yuvraj Singh is playing well in the Vijay Hazare Trophy and he would like to make the place in the Indian team by making maximum runs in the forthcoming matches.

This will always be sad

This is a very important tournament for me. As it will clear the way to play until 2019, said the 18th Lauras World Sports Prize to the Press Trust. I want to play till 2019 and after that, I will decide for further. Yuvraj, who was the architect of India’s title win in World Cup 2011, returned to the ground after winning cancer. He said that the only sadness in his career would be that he could not make the place in the Test team.

He said, in the first 6-7 years of my career, I did not get much chance because at that time the best players in the Test team were at that time. When I get a chance, I get cancer, then this grief will always be there but things are not in your hands.

Yuvraj praised Indian captain Virat Kohli and the team who has won ODI and T20 series in South Africa, he said, this is a great performance. After losing the Test series, India made a great comeback and Kohli led the front. Yuvraj said the spinners’ performance was spectacular, especially Yajwendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav.

Playing three series on foreign tours and winning two of them tells how much the Indian team has dominated. He said, now the team’s goal is to win in England and Australia. If you continue to perform this consistently then the confidence of the players will increase.


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