New monetization policy for Youtube: – YouTube is an American based video sharing website, Headquarter in Bruno, California. The services were created by three PayPall employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed caribou in Feb bought the site in 2006 for 1.65 billion, YouTube has now become as one of the Google’s subsidiary.

YouTube allows users to watch, like, share, subscribe, upload, view, rate, comment to other users. It offers large variety of user generated and corporate media. Individually, most of the media uploads are uploaded. But some of the corporate channels such as the BBC, CBS offers some of the parts as a YouTube partnership program. YouTube basically uses the VP9 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video formats, and the Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP protocol.

YouTube monetization policy suggests that if you are a YouTuber and to enable “Youtube monetization” then within 12 months minimum watchable video must be 4000 hour watch them. If in a channel the videos watch time is not 4000 hours and the minimum subscriber is not 1000 then “YouTube monetization” cannot be enabled. Previously around one year before YouTube made a “monetization policy” for channels and its videos in which it is said that “minimum views must be 10000.

In the past the number of craters, viewers of the channel has increased in tremendous amount, which is no use for YouTube as most of the videos are copy edited videos and of no use. So YouTube made a policy to clean it.

On YouTube very often most of the new Youtubers came to earn money as they upload such videos, which are of no use. Then after they somehow “enable monetization” in their channel. Then such peoples make life difficult for professional youtubers, so to reduce the number of such people YouTube made such policy.

YouTube now only gives an opportunity to earn money or can say “enable monetization” to those who are new and have its own video context that are useful to watch as well.

The YouTube new policy has both two aspects. 1. Through YouTube policy the number of videos which are of no use will reduce. 2. From now onwards on YouTube only those youtubers stays who are excellent in context writing and are hard working.

  1. other aspect is if the channel doesnot follow new “Youtube monitization policy” then the source of income will be shut down, as Youtube removes it from monitization.
  2. if for suppose u r new then till 4000 times watching the video u cannot earn single money.



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