Isn’t it shocking that the YouTube attack took place as the video uploaded by the attacker woman got removed? Is it seriously due to discrimination. There is a recent revelation of the firing case in the head office of the YouTube. YouTube head office is situated in San Bruno, North California. There is a severe attack took place on one of the male employee working at the YouTube head office of California.

As per the reports, woman shooter came there with the aim of killing her boyfriend. The domestic dispute is probably the reason that let the woman attack her boyfriend. Separately from this, it is also reported that the woman had totally criticized the YouTube for the discrimination and the key lady of this YouTube attack was upset not just with YouTube but also with the other video sharing sites as well. She usually uploads videos on YouTube and also suspects YouTube for doing discrimination.

Here is the actual matter regarding the YouTube huge criticize and attack

1) Who and what is the reason for YouTube attack?

As per the American media, the name of the woman is  Nasim Aghdam who is 39 years old. He was of the Iranian origin who lives in California. Also, the sources told that the woman  Nasim Aghdam attacked because of the domestic argument. She attacked his boyfriend who is also seriously wounded. The age of Boyfriend is 36 years. Though, there are also reports which claim that there no link between that injured person and the woman. The sources said that the woman has no connection with the people in the building or those who were badly injured in the firing.  Furthermore, the police authority is also not sure on the purpose of the attack.

2) For firing, the woman used 9 mm handgun in this YouTube attack

Youtube attack

After firing for 30 to 40 rounds Nasim killed herself by using 9 mm  Handgun. In this firing, around 4 employees got severely injured and the woman died.

4) YouTube was criticised and charge for indulging in discrimination

It is told that few days before this attack took place, Nasim Aghdam blamed YouTube and other video sharing websites on discrimination. She also wrote on the social media “There are no opportunities to grow equal on the YouTube site or any other video sharing site. Your channel can move only when they want.” Moreover, she usually criticized YouTube in the video she uploaded on the YouTube. In one of these videos, she blamed the YouTube platform for discernment. However, the reason she never revealed in details.  Because of this, YouTube has removed its account. His Facebook and Instagram account was also removed.

6) Lunchtime is selected for YouTube attack

It is reported that YouTube attack took place at the Lunch hours. She first reached the dining area and then started firing. After the sudden attack on YouTube head office, there is chaos took place in the office and everybody starts running away.

As per the San Bruno’s Police Officer Ed Barberini, they all reached there in the short duration. Once they have heard about firing on YouTube. When they reached they saw that all the employees and other staff are hurriedly running out of the office.

7) Who is the target?

As per the police reports to whom the woman is actually targeting in the YouTube, an attack is not yet confirmed. However, the state of a 36-year-old youth and 32-year-old woman who were brutally injured in the shootout is severe. Other than these two people, another 27-year-old woman was also severely injured. Also, one of the young employees got a minor injury in the heel.

8) The woman was shouting and crying loudly

The women were shouting and crying loudly and saying “Come to me.” After this event, Senior Vigilance Engineer Jack Voices addressed to the American media that, “I was working on the second floor. It was sitting at my desk that suddenly fire alarm After that I went to the Courtyard, where the female shooter was screaming that come to me or take me. “

He also said that “A man was lying near a female shooter, who was bleeding with a stomach. The woman was talking about coming to her.”

Though, there is high doubt that the injured man is a female shooter boyfriend. But it has not yet confirmed. Also, the injured man is very serious.

9) Trump thanked the police

Regarding the YouTube President Donald Trump immediately tweeted, “The firing was found in the U-Tube head office in San Bruno, California, we are concerned about the wounded. Our prayers are with them. I thank my police I want to get there immediately and handle the situation.

Google CEO called YouTube attack as tragic

The very known Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai called this shooting incident at YouTube head office as very tragic one. He said in the statement that “The tragic incident of firing at the YouTube headquarters cannot be used in words. He also said that he himself and U-Tube CEO Susan Wozny are totally focusing towards cooperating and supporting the whole  YouTube community in this difficult situation.

This YouTube attack is very sudden and nobody has even thought of that one single woman can attack the huge YouTube head office in such a way. is it really a frustration of being discriminated and or some other reason is there for such a brutal attack. It may happen that the mental condition of the shooter is not stable and due to that only he commits suicide later on. People are saying that the woman might belong to the terrorist group and maybe terrorist have frightened the YouTube office before but they have not taken it seriously. It may also happen that rivals of the company are forcing the woman to blame the YouTube for discrimination and criticize it.

Like this, there are various questions coming into the mind of every YouTube lovers as everybody was shocked to see this tragic YouTube attack. Also, what police is doubting about the boyfriend might be wrong. Maybe she hurt him badly in order to misguide the police and authorities. There must be some strong reason which is responsible for the YouTube Attack.


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