In the glamorous world of Bollywood, the Bollywood celebrity earns a handsome amount of money from their films. But are you aware of those stars who came on the road with the flop movies and were left alone in their last days?

Here in this article, we will be talking about the stars who went from riches to rags.

1. Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi was considered the sex-symbol of the 70s and 80s. She was on the cover page of various magazines and gave many super hit films to the Bollywood.

This Bollywood celebrity developed paranoid schizophrenia and blamed many superstars like Amitabh Bachchan and Bill Clinton to try to kill her. The Bollywood celebrity lived alone in her Mumbai flat and died a lonely death in January 2005.

People came to know about her death only when she did not collect milk and newspaper from outside of her house till 3 days. At last, nobody was there to collect the dead body of this famous Bollywood celebrity.

2. Bhagwan Dada

Bhagwan Dada whose full name was Bhagwan Abhaji Palav entered the Bollywood with his first film Criminal. The Bollywood celebrity acted in many super hit films like Albela.

He used to live the life of a king. His films Jhamela and Labela forced him to sell his bungalow of Juhu and seven cars which were fixed one for each day. After that, this Bollywood celebrity was forced to live in a chawl and died of a heart attack in 2002.

3. Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan after his film Baiju Bawra became a popular star of Bollywood. The Bollywood celebrity earned a lot of name, fame, and money and had multiple flats in Mumbai.

The Bollywood celebrity was forced to work as a watchman in the film studio. He did not save any money and was forced to live in a chawl in his last days and died in 1992.

4. AK Hangal

AK Hangal has done a total of 225 films of Bollywood. The Bollywood celebrity went bankrupt and faced poverty in his last days. He was not able to clear the hospital bills.

Amitabh Bachchan helped him financially by giving the amount of Rs. 20 Lakh for his treatment. The Bollywood celebrity died in 2012 at the age of 95.

5. Vimi 

Vimi entered Bollywood with BR Chopra’s ‘Humraaz’ of 1967. She was already married to a high profile businessman before entering Bollywood. But later the Bollywood celebrity got separated from her husband because of which she did not get any movies in the Bollywood.

She got addicted to alcohol and the Bollywood celebrity died a lonely death on August 22, 1977, in Nanavati Hospital.

  1. Geetanjali Nagpal 

Geetanjali Nagpal who was from a Navy Background was a successful model as well as the star of Bollywood. The Bollywood celebrity was addicted to drugs and was found begging on the streets of South Delhi and spending her nights in parks and temples in 2007.

She also worked as a maid to earn money for drugs and alcohol. The Bollywood celebrity was later taken to Mental Asylum by Delhi Commission for Women.

  1. Raj Kiran 

Raj Kiran was amongst the list of successful actors of 1970s and 80s. This Bollywood celebrity became popular for the song “Tum Itna Jo muskura rahe ho”. The actor was found missing for a decade and was assumed dead.

Later Rishi Kapoor came to know from Raj Kiran’s brother that the Bollywood celebrity is still alive and is confined to an institution located in Atlanta due to some health problems.

  1. OP Nayyar

OP Nayyar who was a Music composer, singer and a songwriter gave many hit tunes to Bollywood. The Bollywood celebrity got addicted to alcohol and rejected by his family.

It is said that the actor used to ask for alcohol and money from the film producers. He spent his last days on streets and died on January 28, 2007.

  1. Achala Sachdev 

Achala Sachdev was a child actor and was famous for her role in Waqt (1965) and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995). The Bollywood celebrity donated her Flat in Pune to a charitable organization Janseva Foundation. She wanted the organization to take care of her until her death.

Later the Bollywood celebrity got diagnosed with various fractures in her brain that lead her to paralysis and complete loss of vision. She died at the age of 91 in one of the hospitals of Pune.

  1. Mitali Sharma

Mitali Sharma is a 25-year-old model who was caught by Oshiwara Police while breaking a car window. The Bollywood celebrity is from Delhi and ran from her house to pursue her future in Bollywood.

She worked in many Bhojpuri Films but did not achieve much success in Bollywood. Because of which she suffered depression and was rejected by her parents.

The Bollywood Celebrity was seen begging and stealing to earn money. She was often seen roaming the streets of Mumbai and was later admitted to a mental asylum.




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