Do you know that are various other income sources of Salman Khan? In fact, apart from acting, there are some really good income sources of Salman Khan. These income sources of Salman Khan allow him to earn a large amount of money.

We know that our favorite Bollywood actor Salman Khan is not working right now. Also, there is a high probability that it could able to work for 5 years. As he found guilty in the black bug hunting case. He also declared to get the imprisonment of 5 years.

We all know that Salman Khan acting career is flourishing and he is earning a large amount of money through his superhit films. But do you know that he is earning even after behind the scenes? The actor who has turned to 50, is still earning well through other income sources. He is not only on the list of successful rich Bollywood actors but he is also on the list of also on the list of successful businessmen.

So the one who is thinking that how Salman Khan will lead his life after imprisonment or if he didn’t get films how will he earn? Then you just don’t need to worry, just relaxed as there are various other income sources of Salman Khan which can make him rich even if he doesn’t have good films in hand.

Here is the list of other income sources of Salman Khan apart from acting-

1-Textile retail business

We all know that being human foundation is associated with the Salman Khan. But you will be surprised to know that this foundation is not just charity foundation. In fact, this is the best income sources of Salman. Through this Salman came into a textile business. This is one of the biggest among the other earning sources of Salman Khan. He has signed the Textile retail agreement with Apparel Manufacturing Company, Mandhana Industries. The company is designing, manufacturing, retailing and distributing T-shirt, shirt and jeans designed with Salman Khan’s foundation under the logo ‘Being Human’. ‘Being Human’ Foundation and Mandhana Industries ‘Being Human’ share huge profits on clothing business. This is so because it is very popular across the world and his fans are crazy about being human t-shirts.

2- Jewelry Business

Do you know that Salman Khan really likes wearing jewelry? He wears a blue stone silver bracelet. The bracelet which attracted a lot of attention when he goes for public appearances. Recently, Salman Khan’s Foundation ‘Being Human’  is not just into the business of apparels but it is into the business of jewelry as well. He has launched jewelry with Style quotient Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. Also, the cost of jewelry is ranged Rs 5,000 and Rs 50,000. Though the cost of jewelry is not so high still it is considered among the best income sources of Salman Khan. The earnings from jewelry business are divided between Salman Khan’s foundation ‘Being Human’ and quotient Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. This jewelry is really popular on the known e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Mintra. Thus it is adding a huge amount to the income of Salman Khan.

3-  Looking for Smartphone Business

Salman Khan is also looking for the smartphone business. He has also registered the name ‘Being Smart’ for this. The phones will be designed and manufactured in China. They have also decided a plant in China for the smartphone creation. According to the sources, the price of the Salman Khan smart Phone is expected to be less than 20 thousand rupees. Though the registration process of the name is started but there is No further progress in this matter is seen. But smartphone business will soon going to start and will definitely add itself to the list of income sources of Salman Khan.

4- A production company of Salman Khan is considered as the best income sources of Salman Khan

Salman Khan earns a significant amount from his production company. This production company was initiated in the year 2014. It is situated in Mumbai and indulges into two important works one is the production of films and other is a distribution of films. The name of the production company’s is Salman Khan Films (SKF). You will be surprised to know some the blockbuster hits come out from this productions house. The blockbuster hits include like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Tulleite and Race 3, Hero. All these movies are produced and distributed under the banner of the SKF. Through this, it is clearly visible how much money Salman Khan make through this production house.

5- Salman Khan will soon open an e-commerce website

Salman Khan wanted to add one more business or sources into the incomes sources of Salman khan list.  But he could not able to do this. He wanted to open an e-commerce shopping platform. So that his fans can directly buy being human clothes and jewelry from this website. Here he can sell his brand ‘Being Human’ online. But his name becomes a big trouble and obstruction towards his dream of opening a website. For this website, he used ‘Khan Market’ as a  brand name of shopping website. In 2015 he came up with the idea of making  ‘’ but this website was soon faced opposition from Delhi’s Market Association. However, the registration was going on and maybe it will start soon. If this website will start then this will also add to the list of income sources of Salman Khan. We wish that this website will soon approve.

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