India is putting efforts to get the Abdulla Yameen government to lift emergency and restore democratic functioning.  The Maldives on Tuesday asked New Delhi to stay away from its internal matter as the island nation will not preach on the Kashmir issue.

Steps taken by Yameen

Yameen will continue to keep opposition leaders out of the political field. It gave signals against India’s efforts to get him to release arrested leaders like Mohammed Nasheed, Abdul Gayoom. Supreme Court two judges are also in demand.

A state of emergency was declared on February 5 facilitating the entry of the first set of foreign journalists.

Yameen also assigned eight of his cabinet members. His main focus is on Nasheed’s efforts to destabilize the Maldives and spoil its relationship with India.

Yameen might meet Indian journalists.

Minister of fisheries and agriculture Mohamed Shainee says that …

Why haven’t we gone into the Kashmir issue … and asked to be an intermediary? India should stay away from our issue as they are internal matters. We are independent and capable enough to deal with the situation. If in future we need help, we will let India know.

While other ministers of Maldives believe that they will continue their ‘India first’ policy and remain a friend.

Eight ministers are arguing on Maldives Supreme Court decision declared on 1 February. The decision involved the release of exiled Nasheed and eight others. The Yameen government is trying to resolve the political crisis.

The government is posting EU and UN on its negotiation efforts. According to ministers the third party is willing to negotiate on the issue.  But they refused to specify if it was an international body or a country. It is neither China nor India.

Looking forward to the views of China…

China’s big brother, Shainee said: “India, not China, is the big brother in the region. We will continue our India-first policy.”

The Maldivian government would not allow Nasheed to fight the presidential election this year. Nasheed has abducted a judge by his own admission. It is a crime that makes him ineligible for the contest.

The Maldivian government is counting on backing from China. It asked the outside powers to stay away from the situation.

The legal affairs minister shared his views about the constitutional crises in the country..

Yameen government had commissioned a Singapore academic to review the constitution of the country. This crisis has nothing to do with the constitution. Everything it has to do with some people’s unconstitutional actions.

The emergency once extended, may be allowed to expire on March 22.


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