This is something really tragic when we hear about such incidents in a country. It seems as if the system has gone wiped out, it is somewhere gone. This is such as the depressing incident that an old woman had to urge for the disability certificate for her disabled husband. For this, a woman carries her disabled husband on the shoulder and she walks to CMO office in order to get the disability certificate. The chief medical officer should literally ashamed of himself after seeing this act.

The woman went to office several times

The name of the poor woman is Vimala. She said that I had to bring my husband back to the back because we were not given a wheelchair or a tricycle.  She said that we went to several different offices but have not yet received the certificate.

About her disabled husband

As per the sources the woman belongs to Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. She told that her husband name is Madan Singh. He was a truck driver. She told about the incident which made her husband handicapped. She reported that there years ago her husband Madan Singh was coming to Mathura from Motorcycles in Navaghal police station Managdhi.

When he was driving to the  Surir police station he met with an accident. The truck hit Madan Singh’s motorcycle and in this accident, his one leg was cut off. In this road accident, he did not receive any kind of compensation. Though her wife took her husband for medical treatment but still disabled husband could not manage to attain a job due to his injury at a foot.

Therefore she has come to the office of CMO to get the disability certificate for her disabled husband.

No organization helps for her disabled husband

It is really sad that India is full of NGOs which are working to support and helps the poor’s and accident victims. But not a single organization helps that woman. Pointedly, there are various organizations working for the Divisions in the district.

But if this kind of picture will come out, then what these organizations are doing, are they blind or what, or are they taking part only in those cases where they can have maximum publicity. The victims also tried to get a support from various other social organizations but not a single organization is ready to support.

When she finds that there is no option left, she Finally, Madan’s wife Vimla took her disabled husband on her back in order to reach the  CSO’s office. But even encountering this sad moment the officer’s heart didn’t melt. They didn’t show any mercy on her and her husband.

This disabled husband‘s wife says that as per the Kalyan Kori Institute officials that wheelchairs are given to those who don’t have both feet, not the one who doesn’t have one leg. As Madan have the second leg so he doesn’t get a wheelchair. In such a case the officials could not help her.

What UP minister Bhupendra Chaudhary had to say

This is really a tragic picture for the civil society and everyone should ashamed of it as per UP minister Bhupendra Chaudhary. He said that there is a tragic event in the civilized world. We will investigate this matter and will help the woman as it happens.

He said that let me tell you that earlier this an elderly was killed because of the non-attendance at the right time. Similarly, there are various cases and we literally feel bad for the situation. We will try our best in future to avert this situation. Moreover, the strict actions are to be taken the against those who are supposed to but not supporting the poor victims of an accident.

There are other cases of UP government unconcerned behavior towards poor’s

A few days ago, during the time of Bharat band, this kind of case came up in Bijnore. Beside of this disabled husband case, there is another one that a man took his elderly father to the hospital on his shoulders. This happened a few days back during a protest of the bandh. Since the man took his father on his shoulders as the ambulance could not reach him due to the riots and Bandh. The poor man walked about a kilometer. Therefore till he could not save his father as he already died till he reached the office.

Similarly, but as important of this disabled husband case, in May 2017 another incident took place in UP. In this incident, a man was forced to carry the dead body of his wife on a stretcher. This happened when the hospital authorities supposedly refused to give the ambulance to him.

The name of the dead is  Malti Devi who was suffering a labor pain. So her husband Mahesh hurried her to CHC hospital in Sarai Akil. But the doctors who were on duty at that time in the suggested him to take her to some other hospital in the morning. Mahesh had blamed the hospital authority for not allowing him to use the ambulance in taking her wife to some other hospital.

In spite of continuous pleading, he was allowed to take an ambulance even for an hour. Later on, when the ambulance was given, Malti was transferred to the other district hospital. But until that time she got died and doctors declared her dead.

This is not the end even after this the hospital’s authorities also asked for the bribe even he wants to take her dead wife. As the poor man doesn’t have enough money so he was forced to take her dead body of her beloved wife on a stretcher.

Miserable condition of Poors

This is such an irony that in spite of doing various efforts, the Indian government is not able to provide the necessary assistance to the poor people. For the small things which are there right, they have to beg in front of the officials. When it comes to government officers they are becoming more greedy and corrupt by time.

They only listen to the one who fills their pockets with the money. It is not the plight of that women Vimala and Mahesh man but there are many victims in this society who are struggling hard to get what they have been told by the government.

Though government declares compensation various time in front of media. But they have never given a single thought on that whether the compensation which they leaders declared are actually reaching to the victim or not. For this compensation distressed victims had to come again and again to the offices but they weren’t able to attain that. Ultimately they lose their hope and forget about the compensation.


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