Within a Year India will have Non-Pilot Fighter Jet, Fully Prepared


Within a year India will have its own Non-Pilot Fighter Jet.  India is now capable of making its own pilotless aircraft.  The project named Ghatak has been going on behind the scene for more than 10 years. Its prototype “Swift” is in the last stage of its preparation.  According to the reliable sources from DRDO, its first test flight will be completed up to March 2019.  Then it will be ready for its commercial production.

Dr. S Christopher Secretary and DG of DRDO says “Nobody will share the technologies that go into Ghatak. And that’s the reason why we have committed to building every piece of technology that will make this a proven stealth unmanned combat aircraft.”

“Whatever beating we have got so far will be nullified. The day when technologies are denied, I can say I have my own.”

DRDO and aeronautical development agencies have been working together on this project.  It is being fully prepared in India.  DRDO has taken the assistance of Kanpur IIT in designing the airframe of Ghatak.  This will be fully prepared in the country itself.  Its early designs have been ready. One of which will be soon finalized.

Its design will be composed of advanced stealth technology.  It is designed in such a way that it will capable of dodging the radar.

Some More Facts About Non-Pilot Fighter Jet

DRDOs lab (Out Door Radar Cross Section Test Management Facility) situated at Hyderabad has been assisting in this project.  It is said that Kaveri engine made in India will be installed in it.  It is also quoted that Kaveri engine could not pass the lab test earlier so France is helping in the improvement of this.

Our light combat aircraft Tejas’s design technology is also going to be utilized in this prototype.

The “Ghatak” stealth technology will also be utilized in this AMKA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft).

The PMO Office is keeping a keen eye on this project. A Highvelt Committee made on this is reporting to the Prime minister office directly about this whole project.

Successful use of this technology the world witnessed when Britain first attacked in Afghanistan while its operator was sitting in their own country.

Up to now only America, France, Britain, China, and Israel have this Non-Pilot Fighter Jet technology.


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