Will Facebook Stories Be The End Of Snapchat? – Ever since Facebook launch its facebook stories feature, all have the one question that needs to be answered and that question is – ‘Will facebook stories be the end of Snapchat ?

Just like Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories featureallows us to post disappearing photos and videos with skins, masks, filters and frames. If you have not tried the facebook stories feature before, do try it. For using facebook stories feature, at first you need to update your facebook and there you will see this stories feature on the top of the page of news feed page, the page where you see the updates of your friends. And if you are still unable to see this feature, then it is not available for you yet because this feature is not available for all yet.

       So, let’sgoback to our question of Facebook Vs. Snapchat Stories. Is really the facebook stories is the end of snapchat stories? Well, the answer to this question cannot be straight and forward.Because in this world of social medias, we cannotbe stuck to only one app or the other. We love to try new things and just like new things, we love to try and use new apps too. Yes, there are fewer users who use Snapchat as compared to the Facebook users but those who are using Snapchat loves Snapchat too. Snapchat will not end because there is not a problemto a person if a person is using both apps because we love ice creams and we want and can have ice creams as much as we want and so, just like the case of ice creams, we love using social media and we love spending time for it, so we can use both if we want Snapchat and also the facebook. So, for now, I can say facebook stories and snap chat both will exist but for the future, we can’t say about the future of the Snapchat but yes Facebook will always be there as it is proving its longevity since long.

            If we talk about numbers and facts, then numbers cannot decide the popularity between these both features – Facebook stories and Snapchat stories because there are only 160 million users of Snapchatbut on the other hand,there are more than 2.07 billion users of Facebook in the world. Despite these much active users of Facebook, Facebook stories feature is yet to reach the all of the facebook people yet. But when facebook stories will be available to everyone, the Facebook stories users will increase and then it will surpass the users of Snapchat.Only Facebook storiescannot beat Snapchat because it still does not reach enough of the Generation Z and Millennial demographic. But if all the people add in the Stories feature on Messenger, WhatsApp, and especially Instagram (all owned by Facebook) then Facebook is a major threat to Snapchat.

           Hope now you get the answer to your question!


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