On Thursday, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) initiated the concept of Public Data Office Providers (PDOs) which are almost similar to the PCOs. Public Data Office Providers works to enhance Wi-Fi connectivity.

Trai-Public Data Office Providers (PDOs)

India significantly chains with other nations for providing access to broadband connections in rural areas. Trai created a new set of small players called Public Data Office Providers to provide Wi-Fi services throughout the country.

The Trai Chairman R. S Sharma yesterday presented a report to the telecom minister Manoj Sinha.  The report included the success of their first trial conducted by them. It had the concept of PDOs open Architecture based public Wi-Fi grid developed to reduce the internet cost to 90%.

Public Data Office Providers will easily allow companies to set the public Wi-Fi access point which is an open pilot project conducted by Telecom Regulators. Trai did many trials and projects to proof the concept of Public Data Office Providers.

Public Data Office Providers are multiple companies or small merchants which focus to provide Wi-Fi hotspots to the public who are using either free or paid services.


Public Data Office Providers with the help of new pilot project named Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (WANI) will be able to connect various departments in order to address multiple aspects like access payment, services, and authentication process. Public Data Office Providers in partnership with WANI will acquire the bandwidth from multiple Internet Service Providers. WANI will resell the bandwidth as data to multiple customers at a low price.

According to Trai, Broadband proliferation is an important pillar of Digital India all across the country which can be more successful with the concept of PDOS.

Broadband proliferation 

Broadband Proliferation helps in rating the digital infrastructure, technological capacity of commercial buildings and Internet connectivity. It offers a commercial real estate rating system which is a Wired Certification. This connection allows the owner to understand, promote and improve their building’s digital infrastructure.

PDOs is the low-cost process which aims to provide free Wi-Fi facility to the public at the cheapest rate. Its products are available to the public at a sachet sized price costing only Rs.2.

How to connect to Wi-Fi using Public Data Office Providers?

Public Data Office Providers will allow users to easily discover the networks, do-one click authentication, and payment and to connect their devices to these Wi-Fi hotspots.

These small registered, simple and maintenance-free Public Data Office Providers provides easy availability even to small entrepreneurs.

Trai Public Data Office Providers aims to provide a smooth experience to the endless users. All the small tea shops and grocery shops will be able to set up and maintain the access points.

Advantages of Trai Public Data Office Providers

The large companies like payment companies, device manufacturers, consumer internet companies and Internet Service Providers/Telcos can help the remaining sections to set up these PDOs. Trai shifted from pilot phase to next phase which includes their working with Delhi and Bengaluru participants in order to initiate testing and framing of Certificate.

Earlier on March 9, 2017, Trai recommended Telecom Department about the Proliferation of Broadband with the help of public W-Fi networks. It reduces the cost of setting up Wi-Fi infrastructure without any need to register for a telecom license.

Trai aims to increase Broadband proliferation in the country to provide a purposeful model of a public Wi-Fi grid thereby making India digital India.


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