As per the sources popular cricketer, Virender Sehwag sent Rs 1.5 lakh Cheque. But why he sent cheque surprised everybody. He sent this amount of money in order to help the tribal woman of Kerela.

Actually, Virender Sehwag sent Rs 1.5 lakh cheque to the tribal woman through a social worker. The social worker who will soon send this the needy family of the tribal woman.

The tribal woman belongs to Kerela.  The woman’s son Madhu got died at a small age of 27 which is a reason for her miserable life.  About two months ago woman soon go beaten by some village people which is the cause of his death. It is because villagers claim that stole rice and some goods from a shop. As  Madhu is the sole earner in the family. Thus, after his death, the financial condition of the family became worse.

A Rs 1.5 lakh cheque will probably reach women on April 11

As per the social activist Rahul Ishwar the assistance of Rs 1.5 lakh has been sent to the poor family on behalf of Sehwag. This will be reached on April 11.

When the incident was told to the Chief Minister of Kerela Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan. Then he also expressed sorrow at the death incident of a young boy.

He also wrote on Facebook “There is no place for such incidents in civil society. We will take strong action against the guilty. “

2)  Some people were making videos and taking Selfies

On February 22, tribal Madhu was allegedly killed in Palakkad district of Kerela. After watching him stealing they the people of the village took him to the jungle and tied his legs and hands and legs in order to beat him badly. As his hands were tightly tied he wasn’t even capable of protecting himself.

This is something really shocking and sad at this brutal incident there are people who were taking selfies making the video. Cant, they help that innocent boy or stop that villager. It is such a sad moment that people were busy in taking selfies during that time when the young man was beaten cruelly by the village people.if they have shown some mercy and pity on him he would not have died. That kind of people is actually the curse on humanity.

After this incident,  the one who has made that video became viral which clearly displays how people were seen taking the selfie during the incident. When police came to know about this, they immediately took him to the hospital but the doctors could not be able to save him as he was mercilessly killed by those cruel villagers.

3) Why Madhu mostly lived in the jungle

Just after Virender Sehwag sent such amount something very disapoiting point comes in the picture. It is surely not a happy moment to have this according to the media sources, the mental condition of the Madhu was not at all well. He lived in a jungle in order to get peace and calmness. This is the reason which makes him spent most of the time in the jungle and so he hardly goes to the city.

Through the video, the condition of the Madhu can be clearly imagined from how many days he has eaten a single bite of food for days. This hunger actually forced  Madhu’s to come in a village and lift some food from the shop. But is it really so big crime that people have pitilessly killed for just a small amount of food?

What this kind of cruel people and government do when rich people do scams, money laundering, tax invasion. if Madhu was punished by the villagers then the villagers should also some strict actions against the each and every people of Kerala who performed the acts of staling in any way should be punished.

Moreover, India is still that country where rich are getting richer and poor is getting poorer. Still, there are people in this world who don’t have a proper food to eat. And due to this hunger and poverty, they step into such stealing.

But it is really appreciable that people who donate their hard earned money like Virendra Sehwag sent such a big amount are also there who believe in charity, not publicity. He realized a pain of that mother and donate her an amount at the most crucial time. the woman will never go to forget and highly thankful to the pity he expressed on her.


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