There is always a debate among the users whether Android phones are better or Apple iPhone. So in the argument of iOS vs Android. Both the parties have their reason to justify their point regarding which is better and which is not. Groups of both operating systems guarantee for why their preferred OS is much better than the other. Though both operating systems provide you several numbers of features. But still, there are few features which are solely accessible on Android phones not on iPhone.

So here I am going to brief you about 10 features that are offered on Android, but absent from iPhones operating system-

1- Split-screen

It is one of the best features which is available on the android phones but not on iPhone. This feature came to Android devices with the 7.0 Nougat version. This feature lets users open two apps in a split-screen manner. Yet with iOS 11, Apple had brought it to iPads, but let me tell you that this functionality is still not available on iPhones.

2- Provides customization options

Android users can choose from millions of apps obtainable on Google Play Store. This offer customization options such as launchers, themes, and live wallpapers. Whereas iPhones are limited to only one lock screen and home screen.

3- Manage phone’s internal storage

Though the file manager has been existing on an Android smartphone since the version Android 6.0 Marshmallow came.  But the Android 8.0 Oreo update has made the file manager more convenient and advance. The file manager is now involved in Android’s Downloads app. In the app’s menu, you will easily find “Show internal storage” option. This will provide users an access to phone’s full internal storage. Through this, you can Open, move, rename, copy, delete and share files as per your convenience.

4- Native support for Picture-in-Picture mode

This feature is also present in android phones but not in iPhone. The picture-in-picture mode is an unusual type of multi-window mode. It is majorly utilized for video playback. It allows the user to watch a video in a small window. The small window is trapped in a corner of the screen during navigating between applications or browsing content on the main screen.

5- Smart Text selection

Another feature that came with Oreo version is the Smart Text selection. This feature utilizes Google’s advanced machine learning techniques. This is to identify the text as an address, email ID or a contact number. For this user must long tap on a selected text inside. This will automatically show related options once you do this.

6- Option to enable a guest account

Another important feature which is present in the android phone but found to be missing in an iPhone is the guest mode. The guest-mode permits users to log into a separate profile. This will provide them an option to conceal their personal data and information. It is in the case when they have to share the device with someone else. This will certainly provide users a high security.

7- Record phone calls

The users should literally thank the customized UIs of the numerous Android smartphones. The choice to record a call is present on the dial pad only. But then for stock Android users, there is also an option for downloading third-party apps.

8-‘Choose’ default apps

The Android operating system provides users the elasticity to select an app to perform a particular action. For example, if you want to open links in Opera rather than Chrome, so this you can easily do in your smartphone’s app settings. This is a simple step for users.

9- Instant apps

This is the very interesting feature which is available on Android phones. In this feature, users can test the apps before they choose to download. Also, it is compatible with all Android devices which are operating on Jelly Bean. Also on higher (4.1+). But this feature is still not a part of costly iPhones.

10- Setting data limit alerts

The Android smartphone users also have the choice to set data limit with a mode called the Data Saving Mode. It is there in the settings option of your Android smartphone. This permits users to restrict the background data ingestion in case there is a shortage of available data.

Other than all these limitations iPhone are really costly as compared to the android phone. So one should wisely decide what they can go for.


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