Durga Puja is the most important festival among Bengalis. It is celebrated with great joy and devotion in Kolkata. Durga Puja has a lot of significance in Kolkata India. Durga Puja of Kolkata is well-known all across the world.

The Navratri preparation in Kolkata’s Kumarutuli is done with a lot of enthusiasm and joy before the Navratri begins. Various types of decorations and looks are given to the statue of Ma Durga, Mother Lakshmi, and Saraswati, Kartikeya Ganesh etc.

Though we all know how badly the sex workers are treated in our society. People give them an inhumane treatment and even sex workers are boycotted from the society.

But do you know that the worship of Goddess Durga is incomplete without the use of soil from the land of sex workers? It is during Navratri time only the people of Kolkata go to their doorsteps. They greet them with a polite smile and also beg for some soil from their land.

It is must to include in the holy clay of goddess Durga. Along with the brothel soil, the holy clay is also brought from the banks of Ganga river. It is later mixed with the cow dung, cow urine, and brothels soils.

Do you why this tradition is still followed in the metro city Kolkata. At this era also several numbers of people from Kolkata’s ask for brothel soil to make the idol. What exactly the reason behind it.

Why this old tradition is still followed. Today I am going to tell you the exact reason behind this weird procedure-

Though nobody has any solid information about the centuries-old tradition. But old priests and scholars of Kolkata have a belief that there is an extended past after this tradition. And it had and will exist for centuries. It is because the brothel soil is considered as sacred.

The process of looking for the soil from the land of a sex-worker is holy. At the same time, it is dramatic as well. There is a belief that the priest of the temple has to go and beg for some mud at the doorsteps of sex-worker’s home. This is in order to make an idol of  Durga Maa. While she acquires the sand, the priest also entrances Vedic mantras. It is also said that even if the sex worker refused to give the mud. Then also the priest has to beg continuously till she became ready to give the soil.

It is also a belief that the land of prostitutes is the purest as it observes the purity and virtue of the one who stepped into this place. It is said the when a person enters the edge of the brothel he leaves behind the sincerity and virtue on the doorstep only.

So, it is considered that all the spotlessness gets gathered outside her house. Hence, this ‘brothel soil also called Punya Matti’ turns into an inevitable component in the statue of Durga Maa.

Religious Reason

There is some religious reason as well. As per that when there was a  fatal fight between Maa Durga and Mahishasur. Then then the mahishasurthe latter attempt to destroy  her diginity. He even tried  molestation. This made Durga Maa angry. She used all her rage and power to finish Mahishasur.

And this is the reason, why  soil of  brothel is treated as a honour to those women.The women who have been subdued and ashamed by society.

Did you know Asia’s largest red light area-

The largest red alert area of Asia is Sonagachi. It is situated in Kolkata. This area comprises of several large houses and buildings. There are over11000 sex workers resides in this area. You can’t even imagine how terrible and painful life they are living in the bright area with the darkness inside.

But it is really good to know that at least for few moments they get the honor and respect. This centuries-old mythical tradition pushes the great saints and priests to beg at their doorstep for the mud of their house. Then only the real worship of Mother Durga is possible. This is actually the blessings of Goddess Durga as she never boycotts any person from her heart which is very much prevalent in our modern society.


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