One can easily come to know about the gifts received by the P.M. from other countries. But we hardly came to know about what gift was given to foreign leaders by our prime minister. Except very few.  When this was asked about the Right to Information (RTI) authority then after 3 months the authority replied in an unusual manner. They have shown us some unknown facts.

As per the RTI, the gifts to the foreign leaders are given in accordance with the prescribed rules set during his visits. The gifts that are given to the foreign leaders are from budgetary grants.

But it is not in the government rule to reveal the information of gifts. Because if in case it gets disclosed, then it may affect the mutual relationship of both the countries. Furthermore, this may even give rise to unnecessary comparison in between the prices and value of the gifts which are given to others. People will analyze the prices which may badly affect the relationship in between two countries.

Also, given gifts to foreign delegates is not just as predefined rules. The main purpose behind it is to enhance the mutual love and relationship between the two countries. This is the best way to maintain the healthy relationship which is necessary to maintain peace and harmony across the nations.

These key points are given by the RTI for not revealing the information of gifts –

1-This may turn into a bad relationship

As per the RTI ministry disclosing this information can leads to bitter and unhealthy relations of India with other these countries. So, under Article 8-1 (A) of the RTI Act 2005, they want a rebate for not revealing it. Under this section, it is allowed not to reveal any information which can probably affect the healthy relations of India with foreign countries.

2) Some of the gifts given by Modi that created a huge buzz

The handmade shawl offered to Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan created a lot of buzz in the media. It created a lot of discussion in the media and through media, public came to know that shawl is given to the mother of Pakistan leader. Also, there were some other gifts as well which got disclosed to the public through media. But these gifts were not declared by the government in public.

3) The information related to gifts should be in the public domain

According to the Former Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi, this kind of information must be in the public domain. It should not at all be excused under any section. This is because the gifts that are given to the representatives of foreign countries represent the feelings and emotions of the people across the nation. So, it is not just the relationship but the emotions as well.

This is all about why gifts are not disclosed in public. But here we can provide you some information about what Modi give to some known foreign delegates?

1-Queen Elizabeth II – Rare tea

To the queen of Britain, the rare tea brought from Makai Bari Tea Estate of Darjeeling West Bengal and high quality honey is brought from Jammu Kashmir.

2-Donald Trump- Shawl and Wooden Chests

To the president of U.S., Modi presented four gifts. He gave tea from Kangra,  handcrafted silver bracelet, handmade shawl from Jammu-Kashmir arm and Wooden Chest came from Hoshiarpur in Punjab.

3- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The beautiful huge paintings of Mahatma Gandhi were offered to the former UN Secretary-General

4- Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s

To Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. Imitation of 9th Century Kerala Copper Plates was offered when he visited India by Modi Ji.


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