What’s wrong with Indian Radio Industry? – the population of our country uses to listen to the radio stations while working or doing any productive stuff. But, are we are known for this fact, nowadays these private Radio Stations are no more Desh ki Surilie Dhadkan?

In 1930, The National public radio broadcaster of India established. After Independence, in the year 1956, it comes into existence as ALL INDIA RADIO. AIR has its Headquarter in Delhi. When India became Independent in 1947, AIR was having just 6 radio stations across the country and 275,000 radio sets. But nowadays, the External Services Division of All India Radio broadcasts daily in 57 transmissions.  With almost 72 hours covering over 108 countries in 27 languages, out of which 15 are foreign and 12 Indian. AIR has stations in every district of India.

What's wrong with Indian Radio Industry?

On 3 July 2001, Radio City became the first private radio station, in Bangalore. Currently,  there are 245 private radio stations in India.

The aim of private radio channels is to entertain the mass of a city, with its slangs and tones. In order to cop-up with city’s culture, something went drastically wrong with them. Yes, the radio stations are slowly-slowly turning into Advertising agencies.  As a matter of fact, the proportion of ads over music and news is quite high. This is one of the vital reasons. According to sources, the age group of 15-35 is not in sync with the tunes of Radio. Some of the music apps like Saavn, Hungama, Gaana etc. are on way to grab the wide audience of Radio Industry. Because nobody prefers to go through an exotic township audio over soulful music.

What's wrong with Indian Radio Industry?
Music apps

It’s not about the way we fall as a Star, it’s about the galaxy we left, in order to find another”. The radio industry itself is dealing with some problems. The price hike, increased competition and so on, are clearly some examples. But, this is also true that nothing can replace Radio. Listeners went crazy over the voice of RJs. The radio industry has to bring that golden era back. Although, Radio had produced gems like Ameen Sayani Sahab, Tabbasum Ji, RJ Sayema, RJ Naved, RJ Anurag Pandey and many more. The industry has to hire those, who can talk with heart and be heard by heart. Till then Mr. Radio, just BAJAATEY RAHO…

What's wrong with Indian Radio Industry?



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