What is the punishment for rape according to Hinduism?

punishment of rape in Hinduism

What is the punishment for rape according to Hinduism?Rape is one of the most atrocious forms of assault a person ever faced in life. As per the recent UN report, there is around 35 percent of women globally estimated anticipated to have suffered from either physical and/or sexual intimate violence at some point in their lives. Don’t you think that there must be a serious punishment for rape to the rapist?

This is considered the biggest manmade disaster that the world is pacing. In a country like India where women as a holy being. India is the country where at one side Indians worship women in a form of Goddess. And on the other side, they brutally conduct rape with women. It is something really distressful, that though rape is one of the major crime and it is continuously increasing in the country. Still, our lawmakers are unable to make a strict punishment to the rapist. The punishment of rape must be so brutal and deadly that not a single man could ever think of trying this heinous crime in his life.

I always wonder that how come there is no punishment in our ancient Hindu Scripture for rape. We all know that in Hindus are always little serious towards sins. We have heard through various methodological stories that if women are insulted and sexually assaulted then that person cannot be spared free. He will be punished it is the sin where the punishment for rape is only death.

Punishment for rape as per Hinduism

These age-old Hindu mythologies advocate rulers of the earliest times were truthful and stringent towards the various crimes. So there must be punishment for rape as well as per them as well. As per the Hinduism scripture, some strict punishments are prescribed for rape. The popular ancient scriptures which set certain guideline regarding punishment of rape is Manusmriti and Garuda Puran.

Though the Manusmṛti has no firm kind of punishments for rape there is the certain level of torture the rapist deserves.

In this article, I am going to mention all the punishment of rape described as per the Manusmiriti. In the following the punishment for rape as per the number of a stanza given. Please have a look –

8.323. As per this those person who kidnaps women in order for the purpose of sexual harassment. A death sentence is prescribed to them.

8.352. Strict punishment is given to that person who rape or assault women. Even those who provoke women into disloyalty and adultery should be given strictest punishment. The punishment is so brutal and hard that it generates fear among the one who even thinks of such a heinous crime.

275. As per the Manusmriti punishment are not just for conducting rape if you even disgrace and humiliates women you will be punished. The person must be punished if he puts false claims or disgraces mother, daughter or wife.

8.389. it is also described in the Manusmriti that those persons who leave their father, mother,  wife or children without any sensible reason should face harsh punishments. This is totally wrong as per the scriptures.

9.232. it is said that those persons who murder females, children or erudite righteous people should be given sternest punishment.

Other stanzas  where punishment for rape is mentioned includes

357. In the Manu Smriti, it is mentioned that if a person offers any presents to a woman, playing with her, touching her dress and ornaments and also sitting with her on a bed is considered as wrong deeds if it is without her permission. All the above-said acts are recognized as adulterous and disloyal acts. This is also called as samgrahana. For all these acts strict punishment is given to them.

358. If the person who surreptitiously talks with such women, or with female slaves who are already kept by one (master), and with female abstainers. Then he will be forced to pay a fine and if he denies paying then strict actions were taken.

359. But if any man through impertinence forcibly sullies a maiden. Then two of his fingers will be promptly cut off. Along with punishment he will, he has to pay a fine of six hundred. It said as six hundred or panas.

360. It is mentioned that if a woman also pollutes young unmarried women. Then she will promptly have her head shaved. Also, her two fingers must be cut off. Along with all these punishments,s she will be made to ride on a donkey all across the town.  (through the town).

361. A Brahmana who approaches indiscreet females. The females who belong to lower castes such as Kshatriya or Vaisya (castes), or a Sudra caste. Then it is considered as a sin and he will be punished for this. He will charge a fine of five hundred (panas). But a Brahmana has a sexual relationship with the female of lower caste such as Sudra. Then around one thousand panas are charged.

Though it is true that there is no has no firm kind of punishments for rape mentioned in the manusmiriti. But there is the certain level of torture the rapist deserves.

As per Garuda Puran punishment for rape

Though there is not much strict punishment for rape is mentioned in the manusmiriti but in Hindu culture, there is one more book which mentions strict punishment for rape. It is none other than The Garuda Purana. It is considered as one of the eighteen Mahapuraṇa in Hinduism.

In Garuda Purana, the 28 naraks are mentioned as per the crime one performed during his or her lifetime. sinners are sent to the Various Narakas(Hells) by Yamadharma according to their nature and seriousness of their Sins. As per the Hinduism a p[erson after death is sent to mark for his or her sinful act. So there must be some punishment for rape. As it is the most sinful act of all the crime.

Puyodakam Narak for rape

The natural where men who commit rape is sent to Puyodakam. In this punishment, a man is thrown to the well which is occupied with excreta, urine, blood, phlegm. This is the punishment for men who not only rape women but also for those men who cheat women with no purpose of marrying. As per this puran, they are considered as animals so they must be treated as animals.  That’s why they are thrown in the excreta well to get polluted by its fillings. These men have to remain there in this well until the time is finished.


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