In Hindu religion, there is great Importance of Om as all the mantras start with Om and end with Swaha. When you worship God with your mantras it always begins with Om. But have you ever wondered about the Importance of Om and why the mantra always starts with Om?

What is the Om?

In every mantra, there is a holy word present in it. The word which we are talking about is the Importance of Om. Om means Pranav. Let it be Vedic, Puranik or Beej Mantra, they all start with Om.

Om is the most sacred and spiritual icon not only in Hinduism but also in Tibetan Buddhism. It always appears at the start and end of mantras. Importance of Om is also there in the mantras of Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.


Om carries a spiritual meaning which varies according to the traditions of various religions which defines the Importance of Om. Importance of Om is seen in various historical manuscripts, monasteries, temples and Spiritual Retreats.

Importance of Om

There is a great secret behind using Om at the start of all the mantras. This secret about Importance of Om is revealed in Dharma Shastras.

According to the scriptures, the entire world is made of three properties known as The Trigunas which are Raja, Sattva, and Tama. The Importance of Om lies in these three trigunas.


Trigunas are present in all living, nonliving, tangible and intangible creatures. These are supposed to influence the behaviour of all things.  The proportion rate of these Trigunas can only be changed through spiritual practices.

Everything around us is made up of these three trigunas- Raja, Sattva, and Tama which defines the Importance of Om. Depending upon what we are (Raja, Sattva, and Tama) we will gravitate towards these trigunas.

Om is linked to Ekaakshar Brahm, the creator and destructor of the entire universe. Importance of Om lies in the fact that it is said the ruler of these trigunas.


It is considered as the most intangible tatva among these three trigunas and is nearest to divinity. It is responsible for happiness, patience, perseverance, ability to forgive, spiritual yearning.


It is considered as the basest of three trigunas and is characterized by the laziness, greed, attachment to worldly matters etc. in the individual.


It provides fuel to the other two trigunas and is responsible to bring out the reaction of an individual.

Lord Ganesha as Parabrahma of Nature

Lord Ganesha is also known as Parabrahma of Nature. His name is not only Gano ka eesh but also Guno (qualities) ka eesh. Lord Ganesha is not only known as the lord of heaven but also as the lord of Qualities.

The Importance of Om also lies in the fact that it is the symbol of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is known as Mangalmurti and is worshipped first at any occasion in our house. Because of which Om is used at the beginning of every mantra you chant. Therefore if you chant your mantra with Om in starting it means you are worshipping Lord Ganesha first.

Om is said to have many miracle based powers and has encouraging powers which add to the Importance of Om.

Why do mantras end with Swaha?

It is said that in early days of creation, devas were suffering from shortages of food. They decided to reach Brahma for a solution. Brahma decided to change havissu the offering during yagnas which is offered by Brahmans into a useful form. Agani did not have the ability to burn these havissu, so they were used by devas.

Brahma even meditated on Moola Prakriti  known as the primordial energy. He called god and desire for the offerings to be burned in Agni. According to Brahamas, the havissu offered to yagnas with the goddess name Om will reach devas. After which Goddess Swaha became the other side of agani i.e. female part and starting existing with it. Agani derives his power from his wife swaha to burn these havissu.

Hence all the mantras end with swaha to add in the Importance of Om.


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