If you are reading this means you are in love because this is not a thing you can donate to welfare. Anyways if you are here then have a chat now. Many of us who are in love this time always seek chances to be closer to the lady who is stealing the whole night and making you completely restless. If the matter stretches till here then no issue, but it becomes higher than we think. So, let’s move into the world of Confusion to find the reasons why she is not picking the call or not responding or not replying to your texts.

What may be the causes?

  • Your mistakes
  • Your errors
  • Your misunderstanding
  • Your Ego
  • Your temper         Or
  • Your irresponsibility

Look! What is the common thing in this? Absolutely “YOURS”.  It shows you made a mistake to understand your lady dear! She is always Right and perfect (because she is yours) and she has a damn right to be the same because is also known about the truth that “she is yours”. So ultimately you need to think about the solution starting with few queries such as:

  • What do you think about this great idea to say Sorry till she gets it enough?
  • Is this not a good thing to make your partner happy to say sorry again?
  • Why do you need to say sorry one more time (when you did nothing wrong to her)?
  • How can you say sorry when you are at fare side?
  • Is it good to say sorry when I know, this time she is wrong?

And much more to think here, but only one thing is to do and it is “Say Sorry”. Of course, you need to say sorry because she is not a roadside lady; she is yours, my dear. And she should have all the glorious things around her like your Sorry (doesn’t matter how many times you say this).

I am not here to talking about only a Sorry, but to find the reason why you should say sorry to her. Let me explain (at least a try), just turn into flashback and remind something that I want to know here:

Who did this?

  • Who liked her
  • Who loved her
  • Who run after her
  • Who waited for her
  • Who dated her
  • Who went on knees for her
  • Who proposed her
  • Who took her into the life
  • Who made her precious
  • Who made her lovely
  • Who made her matchless
  • Who made her most beautiful
  • Who made her princess of the 2bhk flat
  • Who announced her Home Minister
  • Who made her 1 and Only


Is there any other question remained in your mind that why you should say sorry to her? Apart from this funny but true explanation, she is not responding because she wants you to do something special yar! She is not seeking a chance to leave you, but to be found by you dear. She is still charming and 1 and only and she just want to see you admiring and showing this again. Try to make her feel gorgeous princess of your world.

Whenever you found her upset, unhappy with you, make it a chance to make her special once again.

She deserves this yar! Because:

  • She is with you after leaving her own world
  • She has no one here beside you
  • She has nothing to do be Special (apart from these stunts)
  • She has no PALACE but a 2bhk flat to be the princess
  • She has no Prince but You

“Jhukne se Rishta majboot ho to ye mat sochna… kitna aur kitne bar”, bas pyar me hi to jhukna hai yar. Leave the other things in the garbage. It is a very small life to live with your love, don’t make it shorter. Just try to finish it Right Now!

Say sorry and don’t worry!


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