The world of Kinnar is different and quite mysterious from the common man in every sense, do you know why is kinnar death practice kept hidden?. The curiosity of knowing about them remains to everyone but only a small number of people have found information about the Kinnar. Separate their world, their customs and rites are equally different. There is a confidential topic related to Kinnar which is their death.

What is Kinnar?

In India, eunuchs are known as Hijras, or Kinnar, or “third gender,” neither he nor she. While they were once worshiped in the Hindu world and also worked for Islamic rulers, they are now widely feared. Indians attribute a sacred power to them. They are often considered vulgar and are sometimes despised, mostly silently, and harassed.

The country has historically recognized only two genders, Kinnars have been deprived of the right to vote, own property or go to schools. In 2005, Indian passport office allowed eunuchs to write “E” instead of male or female. Ironically, their lot is considered so bad that they turn up to places of joy, such as weddings, to take away everybody’s bad luck.

Kinnar Premonition of Death

It is believed that they can even foresee their death. This ability to foresee their death is believed to be present only inborn eunuchs. When a Kinnar comes to know about her death, she will not go out anywhere but will sit in a corner of the house without consuming any food or tea and survive only on water. She immerses herself in prayer to welcome a painless death.

Other Kinnars start praying, ask for the blessings of the dying eunuch and beg for her forgiveness so that she is not born as the eunuch in the next birth.

Many eunuchs from different parts of the country come to take blessings, as dying eunuchs are considered godly and imbued with divine powers. Those who want to visit but cannot due to some reason, think of the dying eunuch and seek her blessings, others pray for the soul. Amidst such surroundings, the dying Kinnar peacefully travels to the other world.

What happens when a kinnar dies?

Upon hearing of the death of a eunuch, her eunuch friends gather. They inform other Kinnars and relatives. The group members also inform the crematorium authorities, who are requested not to disclose the death of the eunuch. Though most eunuchs are poor, they all contribute to these funeral requirements. The last rites are performed in a simple manner.

The dead body is first wrapped in a white cloth. No bound items can be left on the body. This is done so that his soul becomes free and free from any kind of bondage and relationship he is forever free.


Before the funeral, the body is beaten with shoes and slippers. It is said that all sins committed in that life are atoned for.

The funeral of the kidnappers is stolen so that no one can see it. According to their belief, if a common man sees the funeral of some kind, then the person who dies will be born again in the form of sheer.  For this reason, the body of the common man is taken out in the day, while that of Kinnar is done in the night.

Though they believe many traditions of Hindu religion, their dead body is not burnt. His body is buried. His death is not mourned because his family is happy with the fact that the person who dies can get rid of the life of hell. Along with this, Arad Dev wishes that Devanar should not be killed again in the next life. After someone’s death in their community, they are not ready for the next one week.



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