Have you ever even given a thought why only women have menstruation, not the man? What is so unique in women that God has given them this problem which they face every month. As we know that there is always a reason behind everything so there must always be some reason due to which women menstruate. You know there is some religious reason behind that due to which women suffer from the menstruation every month.

Do you know that menstrual period that involves only women are stated in the age-old Vedas and Puranas? Not just they are mentioned in it but also there is a mythical story behind it.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the exact religious reason due to which women suffer from menstruation process.

The Puranic story is related to Lord Indra Dev. As per the story which was mentioned in the Bhagvat Purana On one occasion ‘Jupiter’, who was called as the guru of the Gods, became very annoyed and furious with Indra Dev. Because of this, Asurs or Rakshasa gan attacked Dewalok. This leads to Indra dev to leave his authority and have to run away.

So in order to rescue himself from this hardship, he comes up to Lord Brahma. The Brahma who is the designer of the universe and started in search of help from him.

When he came to Brahma, he told him should serve a Brahmgiani inorder to take his throne back.

He said if you make him happy then he will surely give back your throne. According to the instruction and advice given by Brahma Dev, Indra Dev started giving services to the Brahmgiani. But Indra Dev was totally unaware of the fact  that the mother of that Gyani was a Asurand thus she has a apecial place od Asuras in her heart.

So the all the religious materials or the offering  of Havan which should be given to god or Devs are actually offered to the asuras. This is totally breaking their entire service which Indra dev is for the Gyani. When later on  Indra Dev came to know about all this then he became furious. So in a rage, he killed that Brahmgiani whom he supposed to impress by his service.

This killing of a guru or brahmagyani was considered as a serious sin. This sin is equivalent to the sin of killing supreme creator Brahma. It becomes a biggest problem of Indta dev. This keen sin is acting like a awful monster in the life of Indra which can directs to various trouble. Inorder to escape from the situation Indra dev  hid himself into a flower. After this, he started practicing penance or Tapasya of Lord Vishnu. He did this for over thousand years.

This is how Indra got liberty from his sin of Brahma Hatya

Due to his continuous penance, Lord Vishnu was impressed and thus saved Indra Dev. But this is not the end. Though lord Vishnu was pleased  but this doesn’t means that the indra dev got liberated  from his huge and serious sin. So, he gave a proposal due to which Indradev could get a liberty from the sin which he took.

He said for this you have to give a little bit of sin to trees, water, land and woman. When Indra went to all of them they agreed to take a bit of his sin, but all this on just one condition. The condition is that Indra Dev had to give one of  a boon along with a bit of sin. Indra gave it a boonnas decided. As per the boon, the tree can survive itself whenever it desire.

Second turn of water came. Indra Dev gave him the power to purify other things in exchange for part of sin.This is the reason why in  in Hinduism, water is used to purify things and it is considered pure and sacred. Also, it is used in  all the Pujas and worship of any Hindu god or goddess.

Thirdly, as decided a certain part of sin in given to land. And in the exchange of sin Indra Dev gave the boom to the land. As per the boom if land suffer any kind of injury it can be healed.

Now the last turn came it is of the woman. According to this puranic Katha, women face this monthly menstruation due to the part of sin which Indra dev had given to them. But the boom that Indra gave them is really different what expected.  Indra said that women will enjoy many times more work than men during the sexual intercourse.

Why women are not allowed to enter the religious place

We have seen that women in Hindu religion women are not allowed to enter the religious place such as Mandir, Brahmans residence and also not allowed to take any religious teachings. This is so because during this time they are facing the consequences of the sin of Brahma hatya. So they are not allowed to enters the place of his Guru or God.

This is the actual due to which woman are not allowed to enter the temples during the mentruatuion process. It id from the ancient times, women are totally prohibited to go to the temple when they menstruates. They can enter the temple only after they have completed their monthly menstrual period cycle.

How women were treated during Menstruation in the different religion

As per the Hindus belief  menstruating women are conventionally recognized as prescriptively impure., Also there are certain rules which they must follow during this tough time

  • women are not permissible to ente temples and other religious places.
  • They cannot indulge themselves into sleep in the day-time, bathe, wear flowers, have sex, touch other males or females.
  • Women are treated as untouchables who are made to sit alone in some corner of the house.

In certain parts of Nepal, hindu culture women had to leave their home during the menstrual cycle. They  have to live in a live in a private shelter during menstruation. This is an ancient practice which is also called  as “Chhaupadi”. However, in 2005 this practice was toatally prohibited by the  Supreme court of Nepal.


In Christianity, there are some father in the churches who totally fortified the elimination of women. This is on the basis of the idea of dirtiness. Also in some of the churches, the fathers wants to totally reject that purity which is a part of the Old  Christian Agreement. In spite of the limits in Leviticus, Jesus permitted himself to be touched by a menstruating woman and even tried to cure her from the pain she suffer during this time.


The treatment given to the menstruating women in Sikhism is quite different. According to their religion equal status is being given to the woman as man has. They  are not at all considered pure. As per the teachings of Sikh guru Sikh cleanliness of heart and mind is the real pureness.

The metruating of women does not make her impure. Lord  Guru Nānak who is the creator of Sikhism, convicted the practice of considering women as impure during they have menstruation cycle. He recognized it as a  physical and biological effect on  woman. Also, they are allowed to go for religious teaching.

They are not forbidden from the kitchen as well. They can also enjoy every function of the house and not at all treated as untouchable. As per  Guru, the menstrual cycle is the boom given by the God through which she has a power to give a birth to a human being.


In Islam, women are not allowed to enter the religious place Masjid. During the time of  menstruation, a female is just forbidden from sexual contact. But they are allowed to enter the kitchen cook food. They are not treated as untouchables as hindus did.

Menstruation is considered as a social taboo which is highly prevalent in our Indian society. This is the time when women are treated as untouchable. And why are treated as untouchable in out Hindu society is well explained above. Due to the above discussed religious reason women are treated as impure when they are into menstruation cycle.


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