Do you ever realize that certain things can hurt your partner which you don’t even aware of?  For every different Zodiac signs, there are different things that can hurt your partner deep in the heart. We all have some weakness which whenever we encounter we got hurt.

In this article, I am going to provide you with certain hidden weakness which can hurt your partner as per their Zodiac Sign.  This will surely help you to know how to work on things that hurt us. It will also help you in getting what hurts your partner a lot.


Aries are known to be energetic and the most stubborn personality among all the zodiac signs. This is your weakness and you never like to be told to stop or calm down. If you ask your Aries partner to be shut your mouth or calm down for a while then they will become more hyper.

The hyper attitude tends them to make some very wrong decisions in order to stand the sudden misrepresentation in the continuing flow of their nature. So don’t allow them to get take such decisions due to which they regret in future. So if you want to know what can hurt your partner don’t stop them to be calm as this can hurt them truly.


The weakness of Taurus is jealousy. We all know that jealousy comes out of insecurity. These Taurus soon become insecure. They soon become jealous if they listen that their partner is calling someone more attractive than him or her. If you call others more attractive and beautiful then they got hurt and insecure.

The Taurus people never like that their love praise others and raise the value of someone else. Their heart broke when such things happened and this upset the Taurus a lot.  If your partner has a Taurus Zodiac sign then please try to appreciate her a lot. So if you don’t want to hurt your partner never make them feel insecure and jealous.


Gemini people get easily hurt if their partners called them silly and idiot. This will hurt your partner totally from inside. So what if their partner dint even meant that. They have this in mind that they are the most intelligent with perfect communication quality.

They think that they give brilliant and diverse ideas which are continuously spinning in their head. So try to praise his or her intelligence and never ever call them silly if you have a pure Gemini partner. Just praise her intelligence. This will never hurt your partner.


Cancer is the most emotional and sensitive zodiac sign among all the zodiacs. Since they are emotional they can easily hurt and even start crying. So if you have a cancer partner and you don’t want to hurt your partner then think twice before saying anything that may hurt your partner.

They get easily hurt if their trust is broken in their relationship. You must have seen people who easily fall in love and even break up their relationship due to trust issues. Then let me tell you these are the one who belongs to Cancer zodiac sign.  So if you have a partner who belongs to Cancer sign then never hurt your partner by breaking her trust.


Leo is one of the strongest Zodiac signs among all the 12 zodiacs. But still, they also have some weaknesses due to which they even get hurt. It is believed that they are particular about their looks which even attract compliments and attention from others.

But we should not forget we can’t look good always. And this is natural. There are times when they aren’t able to grab attraction due to obvious reasons such as stress, emotional distress, illness and so on. These are the times when they want support from their nearest ones.

So if you have a Leo partner and if you tell him or her that you were not looking good that day. Then this may hurt your partner a lot. This will totally break Leo’s heart. So Try to give them immense love as in the relationship they are the most loyal and honest partners. Please do this if you don’t want to hurt your partner.


Virgo is known to be the perfectionist. They are the people who really like to be praised and they usually praise themselves. They are the people with most perfect personality. Everything is well placed in their routine and life.

For them, they are perfectly fine and if their partner doubts on their skills and even try to change and compare to be like other they found better, then this thing may hurt your partner a lot. So if you have a Virgo partner and you don’t want to hurt your partner. then don’t tell him or her to learn something from others.

if you do so then you are unknowingly hurt your partner lot. Due to this, you can even lose your partner who is just too perfect in their own way. This actually hurts them because they themselves try for everything that makes them perfect. So, if their partner doesn’t able to see the same they this may hurt your partner a lot.


For the Libra, personality friendship plays a very important role in their life. So if your partner is a true Libran then never ever say anything about their friends. Try to give them proper space when they are with friends. If you tell them not to be with their friends or leave their friends when they feel hurt.

Never tell your partner that you don’t like their friends. It is said that Libra zodiac sign people are so madly in love with their friends that suppose if you tell them to break all the ties from their friends. Then it may happen that they will go for break up or end of a relationship.

So if you totally love your partner and don’t want to hurt your partner who is libra then please give your partner sufficient time to spend with their friends. If you do so then they will shower lots of love on you.


Scorpio is the most attractive and sexiest individual among all the Zodiac signs. But you will be shocked to know that they are highly possessive in nature. They are the most loyal and expect loyalty from their partners as well.

They often get jealous when their partners praise other or talk about their ex.  If your partner is Scorpio then please don’t make her jealous by comparing her with others. They not only get irritated but also feel distressed and hurt deep in their heart. Scorpio is very loyal and totally mad for the one who loves them a lot.

Please don’t compare your partner with someone else especially with your ex. The positives qualities of the ex that you say in front of her will soon make your partners hurt and annoyed. So, if you have a scorpion partner then just thank god for being lucky as they are most loyal partners among all the zodiacs. if you provide them little they will give you a lot of love in return. This way you will not hurt your partner.


Sagittarius is very energetic and vibrant personality in their life. They love to discover things when they find an opportunity. In addition to that Sagittarius also thinks in a positive way and have a confident and positive outlook.

They are fun-loving entertaining and have a cute childish nature. They have very friendly nature have lots of friends, but very few close friends. This is a reason only few friends know their real nature of childishness. But this is weird that they don’t like to be called as childish.

So if you have Sagittarius partner, and you know he or she is really kiddish in nature. Then never call them childish in public. This thing hurts your partner a lot. This will not only affects their confidence level but severely affects them mentally. As it deeply hurt your partner. You need to just enjoy their kiddish attitude if you don’t want to hurt your partner.


Capricorns are known to be the firmest working individuals amongst all the other zodiac signs. They always desire respect and praise from their partner for the qualities they possess. Capricorns are the unique combination of qualities such as hard-working, sensitive, romantic nature and extremely good sense of humor.

They are the people who always look for respect from their partners and if they don’t get, they get hurt. They are the people who love the freedom they don’t want to be restricted. If you restrict them, don’t respect them, then this may hurt your partner.

If you have a Capricorn partner and you don’t want to hurt your partner whom you love the must then please try to give respect as well.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius think out of the box and are craziest among all the zodiac signs. Aquarius doesn’t follow any kind of mannerism. They love to be unique, fun-loving and crazy and mad. If your partner is an Aquarius and you complain them about being crazy and mad doing the weird thing. Then they might get hurt. They don’t go into mannerism a lot and if you force them to follow that then they might get offended. Even if their mother also complains about all this then they got hurt.

They are the independent personality who don’t like to be compared and they don’t like to be under any kind of restrictions. So if you really don’t want to hurt your partner never compare your partner with your mother or your father.


Pisces have a creative mind that often becomes very wild. These people are always in a search for the partner who is going to help you in improving their creativity and inspires them to attain their objective. If your partner is Pisces and in case you say her or him to forget their dreams and show zero interest in their dreams.

Then this totally hurts your partner. Pisces people are highly emotional and get easily break down when they find that their dreams hardly change into reality.  This is the time when they look for the support of their partners. So, if your partner is Pisces and you don’t want to hurt your partner then, please try to support them and never ever say to go off for their dreams.


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