In our day to day life we do several tasks. Some task might impact us in good way while others can be the cause of our sufferings. These can lead to various misfortunes happening in our life.

Kolkata’s astrophysicist Dr. Dixit Rathi says that the defects of the planets increased due to our activities in day to day life. It is because of this that one cannot achieve success in his work. Thereby increasing the problems in the life, leaving individual unhappy.

In order to avoid bad luck, here are some steps you need to follow in your daily routine:

Never touch your money with defiled hands. This might make goddess of wealth Mahalakshmi angry because of which you can always suffer the shortage of money in your life.

Never eat your food on your bed. If you are doing so then you are increasing the effect of Rahu in your horoscope.

Make sure there should be no dirt in the house early morning.  In order to remove goddess of poor from the house, you need to clean your house every day.

The house should be cleaned on every festival and especial dates. By doing so you are making your house pure and welcoming goddess Mahalakshmi in your house. Use “gao mutra” to make your house pure.

The footwear’s should never be kept reversed. This can increase the defects of Saturn.

Never keep any kind of bills of your expenses in your wallet. This might increase your expenses.

Avoid breaking glass utensils and pointing at rainbows. It is considered bad sign for you.

Make sure you get out of your bed from same side you hopped in to avoid bad luck for the entire day.

Avoid sleeping on the table. It’s a sign of bad luck.

If you see a ladder avoid walking from under it. Just cross it from the side in order to save yourself from negative spirits of this superstition.

Avoid shaking your legs. It is considered one of the sign of bad luck.

Try to avoid passing money, scissors, needle by hand. They should be placed on table and the other person can pick it by himself.

Avoid opening and closing of scissors without cutting the cloth. It is also a sign of bad luck.

Do not cut nails after sunset. It might lead to misfortune in your life.

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