We welcome India to the gateway for Europe and Middle east through ChabaharIranian president Hassan Rouhani announces on Friday that Tehran is ready to share its Oil and Natural Gas with India and ease visa norms to further strengthen cultural and diplomatic ties between the two countries. Addressing a gathering Historic Mecca Masjid here after the Friday prayers, Rouhani said the opening of Iran Chabahar Port to India will provide a gateway to Afganistan, Central Asia, and Europe. He further said “Iran is rich in oil and natural gas resources. It is ready to share its natural resources with India for its development and progress”.

During his 15 minutes address in Persian


During his 15 minutes address in Persian, heard with full attention by over 5,000 people. Rouhani called around the Muslim around the world to remove differences and fight with common enemy of Islam. He said to unite Muslim nation, America would not have dared to declare Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. He also asked to support Palestinian.The Iranian President who arrived in the city on, Thursday is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Saturday.Rouhani Offered to strength Bilateral ties on various fronts, including Agriculture, Industry and New technology.

As this announcement came, the long way path of oil and natural gas availability will increase. As due to lack of the natural gas and oil the price will be increasing day by day not only Government was worried but, also common people public also faces the same. It will take some time in making the path for this port but it will also raise hopes for trade and transport of various countries including Middle East countries as well Europe. The Era is new, the relation is new but it will be fruitful for everyone. Prime Minister Trip is just paying off. It will also lay the exchange of culture, communication.

How soon will it be helpful? the time will tell. Once the deal will sign then officially the path of Trade and exchange will take place. This is going to be an efficient, important and needful deal. Were each people were thinking what will happen future? Weather oil be will available or not? what will happen to an oil refinery? what will happen to their vehicle if oil will not available or not?. At least got a reason to smile anyway.


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