Viral girl sent back to hostel due to her Eyeing PublicityNothing going in Priya Prakash Varrier’s way, as she got popular with the video clip in which she was Winking (Signal to a boy (Roshan) with a wink. Because of this popularity, her family is not pleased so much. According to the report, because of this popularity, her mother send Priya to Hostel. When asked about the reason to send her hostel her mother Pritha said ”Popularity in a such a short span of time due to which she is worried a lot”. Actually, the film director in which Priya is going to start her career told Priya not to attend any interview before releasing the film. But, as the film shooting started the video clip becomes viral so much.

To avoid these noises, she decided to send her Hostel

To avoid these noises, she decided to send her Hostel. Pritha also said she does not oppose her craze on the internet because doing so bad message will go. Priya’ s mother says that she has never expected something like video clip will become like this. Pritha further said “ we wanted her to see her acting. That’s why she had taken her last year for an audition. In which Priya gets selected. But that time she was giving the 12th exam. So, that’s why she did not attend the shooting. After that filmmaker told her to be prepared for the next film.

Because of the viral video, within a day the Priya’s Instagram followers become up to 6 lakh. Along with she also become world third most popular Instagram Celebrity. However, Priya’s mother said she does not have any official Instagram account. All social accounts are fake. Priya Prakash is merely 18 years of age. According to her mother, she had only participated in the only single photoshoot. She had only appeared in a ramp walk. Preetha has even said that Priya has not taken her photographs. The photographer himself shared his photos on the Internet.

Now that Priya has become such a  Popular among a lot of people, would People not feel bad as she sent back to Hostel? Why she sent to the hostel, will Priya be safe there? Is there any other reason sending  Priya to the hostel?, This time will tell. How deep is the truth So far?, well Priya keep smiling waiting for your movie to come.


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