Valentine day “the great day of love,” the day when people expresses their love to their dear ones. Not only a day of expressing love to our partners but also a means of expressing the feeling of respect for elders, friends, or anybody whom we love and respect. February 14th is a day which is celebrated as valentine day, “a great day of love and passion.” It is celebrated in the memory of great saint Valentine who was a priest and physician in Rome for the sacrifice of his life for his faith in love and justice. The story behind his scarification says that he along with Saint Marius and his family supported the martyrs during the prosecution of King Claudius II. Eventually, Saint Valentine was arrested and beaten up and finally sentenced to death.

The world celebrates Valentine Day, the great day of love, in the memory of great Saint Valentine. In fact, the whole month of February is considered as a month of love, romance, and affection. The aroma of love and emotions appears to be emanating from everywhere. Youth finds this great day of love to be a good opportunity of expressing their love and feeling to their loved ones.  Children look as if they are waiting for Saint Barbara to come and gives them wonderful gifts. Everywhere we see there appears to be a passion of love and romance. Nature also looks as if it is inspiring with emotions and feelings of people. A sense of joy prevails all around. Plants, animal, birds, and all living and nonliving things appear as if they all are celebrating the great day of love “the Valentine Day”.

People all over the world celebrate this great day of love in different-different ways according to tradition and customs of the region where they live. People share sweets and wish one another, shares beautiful cards, arranging parties, some people love to go on long tours. There are so many ways of celebrating. Due to the advancement of IT and internet technology, so many ways emerged to convey the emotions and sentiments.

Along with all these, there are certain pros and cons also lies in regards to the way people celebrates any festival. On the occasion of Valentine day, there are so many people who try to cross the moral boundaries. Increased consumption of liquor and other illegal drugs also take place at most of the places. There are so many peoples who take the advantages of feelings and emotions of other people. They try to force them crossing their moral boundaries. Teenagers are mostly prone to influenced by this type of activities. Increased instances of illegal and unsecured sexual contacts and vulgarities occur behind the name of valentine day. All these lead to increased cases of HIV and sexual infections.

Many of time these types of activities create serious law and order problems. In the country like India where there is a large population who possess traditional and conservative thinking, problem graves. There are so many cases of altercations among the people of different thinking.

So, celebrate this great day of love, but with care.


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