US wants India to cut tariff in the respective tradingUS businesses and diplomats want India to cut tariffs rates industry and government sources say, after New Delhi’s move to increase customs duties on dozens of products to help its flagship Make-in-India drive annoying the differences over trade. Is Us warns India?. Ford which has two plants in India have a reversal of new Tariffs on the auto component. While Apple Inc is concerned its iPhones have become even more expensive in the price-consciousness of $10 billion smartphone market. So, there is no option India need to cut tariff.

India and Us have tied in close political terms.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi were in Washington last summer. Have hugged President Doland Trump in his personalized types of diplomacy. But in spite of all that US wants India to cut tariff. Now trade fiction is the darker side. Must say Us warns India. Trump has already told India for it’s on duty on Harley Davidson, and in this month only PM  Modi ordered them to cut to 50 percent from 75 percent for high-end bikes. That is why Donald Trump wants India to cut tariff.

Even this it was not satisfied Trump, who pointed to zero duties for Indian bikes sold in the United States. Saying he would push for a “reciprocal tax” against countries, including US allies, that impose tariffs on American products. Us warns India?. The state Department spokesperson told to the referring to the Trump’s comment told: “It is important that India make greater efforts to lower barriers to trade, including tariff and non-tariff barriers, which will lower prices to consumers, promote the development of value chains in India,”. Had Trump advised India To cut the Tariffs?.

The Us Congress has been pushing for an over past one year a greater pressure on India to break the economic barriers and as of now, House Republicans have raised the issue of the new round of duties. House Republican told, “We conveyed our concerns to the Indian government last week to raising tariffs above WTO rates – especially as it relates to information technology,”. So, If Us warns India what will India do?. The Answer is yet to come from India side. As India announces higher import taxes on an electronic product such as mobile phones and television sets in December on 40 more items in the budget this month. These include goods as varied as sunglasses, juices and auto components.  Will India need to cut the Tariffs?.If yes, how much?.

India said over this The move is aimed to give local industry the chance to grow and is the part of broader plan to lift the shared manufacturing makes up the GDP to quarter, from around 15 percent, and create the tens of thousands of jobs needed for the young workforce. If Us warns India Will India to respond to this and what India will respond?. The Indian commerce ministry did not yet respond. But a senior Finance Ministry official defended the decision saying that it reflected the trend in another part of the world as well. Then for sure India need to cut tariffs.

Bilateral trade between India and United States have grown to about $115 billion in 2016 from $20 billion in 2001. The United States buys close to a fifth of India’s goods and services export and its trade shortage have increased from $13 billion to $31 billion in 2016. Had Us warns India to decrease the rate?.

Impression upon bilateral trade

Well, Noone knows. India is one of the most protected Major Economies. According to the World Trade Organization(WTO), The United States had an average tariff rate of 3.4 percent on imported goods in 2016. compared with 13.5 per cent for India.  Leaving behind everything in one place and think why Donald Trump wants India to cut tariff? Is there lack of communication.

Okay fine, If Us warns India for some reason ?, Then give reply as even they also needed as equal to wwe needed them too. The friendship will be equal among all. It can’t be differentiated because of this reason or that reason too. It is above all bars. And if any one is geeting loss providing some facilities then confess it that we are friends but we cannot compromise on this and on that respectively. Even Trump advised India too that we can support you later on but time even we are in not in good time to do so.


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