Two people arrested in model eve teasing case

Two people arrested in model eve teasing case

The recent eve-teasing case of a model at Indore who told everyone about how eve teasers had lifted her skirt in one of the most crowded areas of Indore has already created a lot of attention across media and people.

This model of Indore shared information about this shameful act through her Twitter account. Now it is great that two people have been arrested in connection with the eve teasing of a model in Madhya Pradesh’s financial capital Indore.

Following the tweet of the model, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan feel ashamed of the incident. He tweeted that the incident was extremely distressing. The criminals will be caught and punished. Also, the DIG and collector of Indore  promised to look strictly into the worst eve-teasing case.

Police have identified through CCTV

 Two people arrested in model eve teasing case

Police have identified the accused of horrible eve-teasing case through 60 CCTV footage. After this two accused were identified caught. The accused are the residents of Pardesi Pura area of Indore. The name of these eve teasers is Lucky and Bunty and their age are 24 years old. They work in a clothes shop.

 It is being told that these two guys have allegedly lifted the skirt of the model while she was driving on her activa in the mangal city area of Indore.

During the investigation of the eve-teasing case an eyewitness also identified, confirmed and given the statement to the police officers. During the incident, a Panduranga named guard was posted in the parking area outside Mangalcity. He reported that on Sunday evening after completing duty till seven pm he was leaving to his home. Then he saw one girl who was in a panic state and crying, sitting on the side of the road.

 Two people arrested in model eve teasing case

Her scooter was broken from the front. She met with an accident while fighting with the eveteasers. The model also had lot of injuries on her leg. It is sad that only four to five people stood near him.  Though the guard was unable to tell about what happened with the girl.

Accused have admitted their crime of terrible eve-teasing

This incident happened near Mangal City at Vijaynagar juncture of Indore. Vraious questions are being raised about the story of this terrible eve-teasing case with the model. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Harinarayanachari Mishra told that the accused were arrested under the act of Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code (the use of the attack or the use of criminal force for the purpose of dissolution of the woman). Also under the Section 509 (the act of disrespect to the woman’s shame) ), Lucky and Bunty have been arrested.

Mishra said on one of the questions raised by media that “we have a prominet basis for the arrest of the accused, which is the statement of the victim herself.”

The DIG said that during the initial questioning of the police, the two accused have denied the allegation of the model of pulling her skirt at Vijay Nagar area. However, it was later admitted by them and they accept their crime.


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