Divorce may be a result of anxiety, failure, jealousy, dominance, etc. These are some of the driving forces that lead a situation called Divorce. No one enters into a marriage expecting it to fail.

Still, there is 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years. Also, 48 percent of marriages dissolve by the 20-year mark as per 2006-2010 data. The data is from government’s National Survey of Family Growth.

The end of a marriage typically releases a flood of various emotions. This includes an anger, grief, anxiety, and fear. Sometimes these feelings can rise up when you least expect them. These are some psychological and emotional effects of divorce on men, women, and children.

Here is the List of Top 10 Countries With Highest Divorce Rate in 2018:


Belgium is on the number one spot as every year there are around thirty-two thousand people signs divorce papers. This puts their divorce ratings way up at seventy-one percent. That is the absolute highest in Europe and the whole entire world. Even though they have a history that is important and tons of architectures that are famous, that seems to not matter when they can not even keep their marriages together.

2- Portugal

Now that the country has started to back away from the Catholic religion that they use to be so wrapped up in, the divorce ratings are at an all-time high of about sixty-eight percent. They seem to be taking after their country neighbor, Spain. The funny thing about all of this information is that even though the divorce rate is so high, the marriage is still in the highs as well. That means it actually kind of proportions out to be almost even with one another.

3- Hungary

There is on about ten percent of men that are divorced in this country as to where there is two point four percent more percentage of women being divorced. That makes the ratio of men being divorced to women actually a lot less than what most people think.

4- Czech Republic

In this European country, there is about thirteen percent of women that are divorced and eleven percent of men too. The only way a marriage can be legally dissolved here is under circumstances that are good which results in the breakdown of the partners. Out of the entire country, Czech has sixty-six percent of the divorce rate just to themselves and ninety percent of the time mothers are always given full custody of any children after a divorce is final.


Divorce in this country is accepted to a point. There have been new laws passed to improve the divorces. So, that there will be a mutual agreement between both of the people that they actually want to end the marriage. The name of this new law is a divorced director. It means that the two people must be legally married for at least a minimum of three months. After that only they can file for a divorce. The country going through its financial crisis is another one of the reasons that people get into fights and become divorced.


If you are between the ages of forty and forty-nine do not live here. Your marriage could fail because that is around the age that people finally give up. It may still be young but who wants to start over so far into life. Mostly travelers and people that pass through are the main people because it is a very small place but the divorce rate is at sixty percent. Both parties have to be over the age of twenty-one and must have been married for two years before they can even think of getting divorced.


Here every six marriages of about ten end with a divorce. It hits a high of fifty-eight percent of people getting a divorce. Not a lot of people are even getting married because they know it could be hard to get out because of laws that are happening. No taxations are there if you are split up or going through a divorce. So either people will stay just boyfriend and girlfriend or they just do not even talk about the word.


8- Cuba

Since nineteen ninety-eight the rates of divorce has always been very high. Fifty-six percent of marriages end before they even have a chance for a fight. The large population in the area makes it that much easier for reason for divorce. Laws may change the numbers of this place because they have a law about Laissez-Faire that is in effect now. If this does not help then maybe it was just not meant to be.

9- France

Though France is said to be a place of romance actually it is not. The people who live here just want to get away from each other. They fight over the fact that there is more openness in the world. It has over fifty-five percent of divorce cases. It is noticeable that this place is not for love as more of fights and separations are observed in past few years. If some people knew this they would not even worry about going here or it may be a misfortune on your marriage.

10- United States of America

There is a reducing rate in marriages as per the Census Bureau, USA. It shows the USA is the tenth spot on the list. Here, divorce happens in every second of six seconds. It is around Fifty-three percent of a rate. People wait to get married but they usually just end up split up or saying it is over and signing the papers. It is so easy to file for a divorce if a person does not have kids. Also, it depends on individual wish what they want. The process of divorce is very simple and easy. Some places are different here but most places will have you signing within days of filing.

Earlier marriage is the most sacred thing which is followed by the partners for a long term. But these days people are easily breaking their marriage due to some reason. It affects not only the life of the husband and wife. But the life of children is also seriously affected.

So. the above countries should follow measures in-order to reduce the rate of divorce in their country.


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