Tone Your Stomach And Look Perfect This New Year – Need to tone your stomach? Want to look perfect in new year? If your answer for the above questions is yes, then go ahead and read on how to tone your stomach in a easy way and that too without lifting the dumbbells.

  • Laugh Out Loud:

Yes, you are reading it right. Laugh out loudly. Laughing is the best and the easiest way to tone your stomach. Laughing tightens your muscles, builds your immunity and that is why tones your stomach. So, the next time when someone is joking, don’t shy away or hesitate to laugh. You can join laughing yoga class or club for your daily dose of laughing.

  • Plank:

Planking is the best exercise for the toning of your stomach and also for your overall body. Doing plank is very tough but after time you will build strength to do this exercise. Start from holding a plank for 10 seconds and then you can increase the time upto 4 mins or more. Plank engages your core muscles and that is why it strengthens your core and helps in toning your stomach.

  •  Green Tea:

Green tea is good for your health. Green tea contains antioxidants that is good for your stomach. Drinking green tea daily reduces the bloating and takes care of your gastrointestinal tract. Green tea calms your body and mind and also helps in toning your stomach.

  • Maintain A Good Posture:

Maintaining a good posture of your body helps in the toning of your stomach and bad posture helps in increasing your tummy fat. It is necessary to maintain a good posture because it keeps your spine erect, improves breathing and holds the tummy muscles and so tightens your stomach. Never sit or walk with a hunched back.

  • Stay Away From Salt And Sugar:

If you want a flat belly and toned stomach, you need to stop the intake of salt and sugar as salt and sugar contributes in bloating your stomach. Use the alternatives instead. You can have jaggery, honey or stevia instead of sugar.

  • Chewing:

Chewing properly helps in digesting your food properly. And that is they say chew the same number of times as the number of your teeth that is chew anything 32 times. Digestion of the food starts from your mouth. Chewing properly helps you to get toned muscles.

     There are many ways to tone your stomach and core muscles. But these are just the handful of ways that will help you in toning your stomach. Show-off your flat tummy this new year and enjoy!


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