Today Is The Day Of Love Rose Day Valentine’s Week has started. “This is the beginning of the so-called Love, this is where the one and only Love all over the space and just love shadowed.” The First Day of the Festivities Begins With This Day. From Red To White Only, The Roses Are Not Even Beautiful even each rose has its own significance. Someone sees this day as a love, whereas someone sees in the form of different aspects of life. Wondering how to say the three magical words to special one? .The best way to romanticize this day pick roses for your special someone. Red roses are an unmistakable expression of love and desire Then there are white roses which signify purity, have fought with someone and symobilising to patch up with someone.

White roses also mean to signify peace. Pink rose signifies joy, admiration, gratitude. It also signifies to say someone Thank You. The Yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. Orange Rose is a symbol of erotic whereas, Green rose signifies peace prosperity.

Besides colour, the number of roses also reflects your different emotions. Giving single roses means that you have fallen in love at first glance and that person is one of the millions for you. whereas, Giving two means that there is a deep love between the two of you. Giving three means you want to propose someone with roses Six means you want to make someone your own.  Seven means that you are someone special. Giving Nine means that as long as we live, we will continue to love each other. If you want to tell someone that you are perfect then you give those Ten roses.

The Valentines is honoured on February 14, Valentine of Rome. Despite obstacle, valentine day becomes increasingly popular in India. Due to a concentrated marketing effort, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in some East Asian countries with Chinese and South Koreans spending the most money on Valentine’s gifts.By the way, there is a lot of meaning in expressing love, someone says in words, while someone expresses it. On a personal note, “gulaab ke is mausam me bahaare ishq ka aalam chaaro taraf dikhaee de ,bas bhagwan kare bajarang dal ki na kaphas dikhaee de.


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