After what time a TTE can't disturb you during your night journey, learn Railway Rools

Learn railway rules – If you are traveling in the train, the Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) can not disturb you after 10 pm. TTE is required to verify the stamps between 6 pm and 10 pm in the night. No passenger will get disturb after sleeping at night. This guideline is from the Railway Board. The Board has already implemented this rule a year ago for the Southern Railway. In the reservation form of Railway, columns added for identifying Disabled and Third Gender. If he travels alone, then he can mention this in the form. He will get lower berth related to this. If there is a pregnant woman then she can also mark this option in Reservation Form. Due to which the woman confirm to get the lower berth.

Satabdi and Rajdhani passengers will also get the option to take it or not to take. Prior to this, the passenger had to pay the money to the passenger. Even after the reservation done, if the train is missed, TTE cannot a lot your seat to the next two stations. After two stations, a  seat of RAC can be given to the passenger. If you miss the train, you can file a TDR. In this case, the base fair gets back up to 50 percent. The problems for the people reduced by this news. It was difficult for the people to wake up after sleeping when TTE was asking for checking the ticket whenever someone was asleep.

During the train journey, many passengers are concerned that if they get to sleep, they should miss ou the destination station. However, you can now take advantage of the railway’s backup call destination alert service. You only have to call the number 139 and activate the backup call destination alert. When the station arrives, the railway will wake up by phone. With this service, people will reach their home and their station.

Railways have been able to do all sorts of things for the betterment of people and good will of the future.

As the facilities will increase the people will travel more and more by train.It is the single means of transportation provides travel income at a  huge amount.Which will be helpful for country’s growth. With that economy will increase.



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