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This world heritage monument ticket is only valid for 3 hours

The famous world heritage monument Taj Mahal visit hours will be soon changed. The Taj Mahal is in the list of 7 wonders of the world and it is the most beautiful monument that signifies love. But recently there is a declaration of only 3 hours visits at the beautiful place. The Archaeological Survey of India has announced that the entry ticket to the world heritage monument will be valid for only three hours.

Anyone who wants to spend more than three hours. Then he has to pay extra, more than the ticket price. And this is applicable for all visitors whether it is Indians or foreigners.

The public notice which is issued by the officials this week is “We are still working on a mechanism to decide the additional charges. We may levy charges for a fresh ticket as the extension; another proposal is to levy additional hourly charges beyond the three-hour window. These issues are still being decided,”

Also, this would need time stamps checking on tickets at exit and entry. The official also stated that “We will most likely require more manpower to check time stamps and levy additional charges.

New Rules for visiting  Taj Mahal

The Superintendent archaeologist of Agra circle, Bhuvan Vikram Singh said that if tourists surpass the time limit, they will be charged an extra amount. The amount is equal to a new ticket. This charge is likely to be paid at the exit gate.

He also told that there will be particular time slots assigned to the visitors. Also, if the tourists don’t arrive on time which is allotted time, then their entry will be denied.   This leads to making them buy another ticket in order to visit a Taj Mahal.

 It is to be informed that the timings for visiting the monument will continue according to the existing schedule only.

 Though the time slot might not be easy to impose still staff will “accommodate” tourists till the time system sets in a proper manner. The official reported.

He also said that “Once the turnstile gates are installed, then the system will become smooth”.

The changes will be applicable from April 1.

The rise in the number of visitors

This action is imposed due to the rise in the number of visitors at the Taj Mahal. As per the officials, there is some situation when they have over 50,000 visitors at Taj Mahal in a single day. As the monument space is inadequate so we cannot extend the hours.

Reason for this limited validity

As per the officials, the reason for the limited validity of the ticket is the immense crowd of visitors which is not manageable. The official said in the statement that,” We have to make do with the available area and manage visitors within that limited space. Sometimes it gets very difficult to manage the crowd.

They told that there are some people who leave the monument at the closing time despite coming early. It happens most of the time4s.This actually created a lot of stress for the authorities to manage. It is expected that the limited-validity tickets are expected to curb this problem.

At present, for an Indian, a Taj ticket costs Rs 40. It is Rs 530 for SAARC nationals but Rs 1,000 for other foreign tourists.

Key points-

  • The Archaeological Survey of India has declared that the entry ticket to the world heritage monument would be usable for up to three hours only.
  • Any visitor who wants to spend more than three hours, then he or she would have to pay extra. This would apply to all visitors.
  • The changes will be applicable from 1 April.

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