This app allows you to spy on your WhatsApp friends

spy on your WhatsApp friends

you will be shocked to know that you can be easily spied on whatsApp. Do you know that now there is one app through which you can spy on your WhatsApp friends.

Yes on WhatsApp, which is one of the most used and popular messaging application among people of every age across the world. It has around a billion users on its platform. It is considered as the best platform for sharing message and information through images, texts, videos and other content.

As every application has some privacy settings, so WhatsApp also has. The company has brought various options in the WhatsApp application such as display picture privacy,  ‘Last seen’ feature and more. This is to make the users content more safe, secure and more private. Due to this last seen feature of whats app, one cannot pings you continuously and also nobody knows when and for how long you were and online.

In spite of lots of privacy and security features provided by the WhatsApp, your WhatsApp friend can spy on you. Yes now, your WhatsApp can easily spy on you and take out some private information through the app.

Here how one can spy on your WhatsApp account

Recently the Lifehacker company create a new app that can allow your WhatsApp friends to keep an eye on you, even with the presence of all the security features.

This application is called as Chatwatch. The name itself tells what the app is all about. Through this application, your WhatsApp friend can easily watch you when you are online on the messaging platform. Thus provides others a vision to track you.

It has been stated that the app, which is now accessible for iOS and Android, make use of  WhatsApp’s public offline and online status feature. This allows others to know when their friends check WhatsApp every day. Also, tell users to find out if the two WhatsApp contacts (which is provided by you) chat with each other or not. And also for how long they chat.

You want to monitor your family, friends, or employees then use Chatwatch

People usually hide their last seen status on the WhatsApp through its privacy setting options. This allows them to make themselves hidden to everyone in order to maintain the privacy. But now it can not work. Through this Chatwatch feature, one can easily see your availability even if you last saw hidden or limited to contacts.

 Through this feature, the employer can easily find out the what they are doing in the office premises. If they find wasting their office time chatting on WhatsApp then they can easily be figured out. It hardly matters its last seen is hidden to contacts or everyone.

As per the company website, this is not just one feature. In fact, there are many. It says that one can “Find out when they went to bed, how long they slept…when they got up etc.

Also, the chat pattern between the people you know, or are in contacts can be compared and analyzed. Through this, the possibility of how often and how much they will talk in a day can be predicted. This is with the help of Artificial intelligence. Yes, its true one can easily do this with the help of this application.

This Chatwatch feature shows when the two users were active. It basically shows the number of times the two users were active on WhatsApp. It can be done at the same time and also the assumptions and predictions can be made out of this data.

How to monitor two people?

It can be done by following a very easy step. For this, you just need to enter the mobile numbers on Chatwatch of the persons on who you want to spy. Through this one can check the login and logout time, and also the online history timeline of users.

Chatwatch app was launched on iOS devices. But later on, it is occupied by the Apple App Store. Chatwatch is presently available for free on Android “ChatW”. Though it is available on Android platform nut the app developers are also supposedly operational on a web-based version. Nevertheless, it is still accessible to download for Android users.

It is not a free app, charges are there-

The app is not free, for using it we have to pay a certain amount. There are subscription plans for this app which users must pay in order to take a benefit of this app. The subscription plan starts from Rs 140 or 2 dollar. This allows you to view up to two numbers in every week. As reported by the sources the app took over 24 hours before it starts displaying results. The most expensive subscription plan of the app of priced at Rs 1,300. This permit users to monitor around 10 numbers in every month.

One can subscribe for this only if the app was there on an Apple App Store. It is so because the company has detached the app from the company’s app marketplace. The actual reason behind it is not known.

Apple has suspended the app

The company website cited that, “For reasons unknown to us, Apple has suspended our app from the app store. We are working on a web version to launch tomorrow the latest, and appealing the decision with Apple.” The company is totally unaware and they are looking closely into the matter.

It is recognized as one of the most innovative methods. The developers of the application are seriously hoping that would certainly bring more attention towards regarding how Facebook manages our data. And also about how various other companies entrance and study it.

It is not just even the developers also had a doubt regarding the existence of app. They are actually predicting that it may happen that WhatsApp will soon block Chatwatch.

So, if you really want to spy on your friends or enemy and expose through proof them before it gets blocked and unavailable to you try it as soon as possible. Let’s see how many of you are successful in spying on your friends.

About WhatsApp

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is one highly use a messaging app in the world. As per the company their messenger observers around 60 million messages which are being sent in a day. There is around 70% of the users who are active every day. Also, it adds around1 million users each and every day.Do you know that it speeds nothing on this daily promotion, marketing, and user acquisition? Its messaging may soon reach to the overall global telecom SMS volume.

WhatsApp actually founded in 2009 by previous employees of Yahoo!. They are  Brian Acton and Jan Koum.In the year 2014 WhatsApp got acquired by Facebook. Furthermore, WhatsApp Web version is also developed with the reason of expanding the user base and increasing more annual revenue.


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