The new fiscal year 2018-19 will be implemented after April 1, along with the improvised provision in the budget.

The price of some things will decrease in the country from 1 April 2018 under these provisions. Now we have to spend a little less on certain items mentioned in the list below.


Let’s see those things which are going to be cheaper from April 1, 2018, according to the budget-

Online railway ticket

The government has reduced service tax on the e-railway ticket in 2018 which will get cheaper from April 2018.

Raw cashew

Amount of raw cashew has been reduced to 2.5 percent which will be applied from April 1, 2018.

Solar Taper Glass & Solar Batteries 

Rates on solar taper glass have reduced from 5% to zero and are going to be cheap. Besides, the price of solar batteries is also coming down.

LNG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

LNG will be 2.5 percent cheaper from April 1st.


Rates on Nickel have been reduced down to 2.5 percent from 1st April.

Select objects and electronics items

Price of the items such as hearing aids and percussion instruments, ball screw and linear motion guide will reduce after April 1.

POS machines, finger scanners, micro ATMs, iris scanners, ro, mobile chargers, ready diamonds in the country, tiles prices will also get lower down.

Ready-made leather products, salt, life-saving drugs, matches, LEDs, HIV medicines, silver foil, CNG systems will show significant changes in their amount.

Also, read 31st March, the last day to buy these things cheap.


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