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These changes in your hair can shine your luck

We always worry about hair loss, degrading hair quality and why not. Hair is the most important part of our personality. Our personality gets enhanced if the quality of our hair is good. We go through many changes in our hair particularly related to hair growth. But do you know that there are certain changes in our hair which can even shine our luck? These changes in hair signify good luck.

The known Samudra Shastra had mentioned certain changes in the hair which leads to good fortune. According to this Shastra, hair is also an important part of your body. You may be surprised to know that every change in your hair whether it is more or less, silky or straight, curly, shiny, all represent the future. These all changes in a person make some predictions for one’s future. This makes you work accordingly. But these change can signify both good and bad luck in your life.

So, let’s discuss these signs as per the changes in your hair –

1- Loss of hair on a head

There are two types of situations which people usually come across related to hair. This is either there is no hair on the person’s head or it is low and at the reducing stage. As per the Samudra Shastra, the first situation is not considered as good. Such people are usually ill. Moreover, they have to struggle a lot to complete any work.

But it is really surprising to know that the second condition of having less hair on the head makes the person lucky and really fortunate. Though Hair fall or sudden reduction in your hair can bother or irritates you. But after knowing the Samudra Shastra, you will surely get relaxed.

Having baldness is a sign of good luck

Do you know that having baldness is a sign of your being rich? So if you start to lose hair on your head and baldness starts coming, then understand that you will get great success in the future. This reflects that your good time about comes.

Reduction of hair or moving completely from the middle of the head is a signal of the monetary gains. The gains that you will get in the future.

 The major thing is that this money is going to stay permanently in your life. This will probably bring positive changes in the Lifestyle. This kind of people will definitely lead a happy life in all the way.

But if there is hair on the top of the head and the hair starts going from both edges, then this signifies some other things. These people will also get success but get late. They will surely achieve success and respect in their life. But they could get very little to gain themselves.

In fact, their family is the one who will get the benefit from their wealth and honor.

It is to be noticed that this is not just limited to only one generation but even coming generation will also be benefitted. Many generations thank them for this benefit.

2- Strong and glowing hair

It is said that the texture of hair also says a lot about you and your future. If you found that your hair suddenly becomes curt, entangled and freezy without shine. Then this indicates problems in the near future. Whereas the shiny and silky hair signifies success and respect for you in the coming future.

This is what Samudra Shastra says regarding changes in the hair. Every astrologer has their own opinion. Also, predictions of future with changes in hair depends upon other factors as well.

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