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10 things you must have in common with your partner

We have heard a lot about opposite attracts. But do you ever realize how this is appropriate in a practical scenario? Don’t you think it is quite difficult to work out with totally opposite nature? Though its true that opposite attracts but there are certain things which must have in common with your partners. This is in order to sustain a happy and loving relationship. As the relationship is not just about being attracted towards each other. It is felling of love, emotions, empathy, and sacrifices.

There are certain things which must be common so that the relationship will sustain forever. Have you ever given a thought towards, how you going to stay for long with a person who seems to be totally opposite to you and your nature.  The one who is just opposite in nature, the one who has nothing common in between? Let me tell you guys it’s tough, it’s not at all easy to live with such person. This type of relationship will hardly have any future. No matter how good he or she is. If you continue to live then you are doing nothing, just creating unnecessary trouble for yourself and to him or her as well.

Just give a thought how wonderful the life will be if you share almost all things in common. How amazing it will be if 80 % likings are just same. So if you are looking for your soul mate to whom you want to spend an entire life, then try to see common at least few important things.

Here are 10 things you must have in common with your partner so that you can enjoy each and every bit of your relationship. This will probably lead you towards the have a loving, happy and strong relationship-

1- Marriage

The idea of marriage is one of the most important things. if you have this in common then it is best and if not then it creates a problem. For an instance, If you are the one who desires to have a grand wedding and your partner is not at all interested in a marriage. Then it is a situation where you feel as if your dreams are totally shattered.Guys for some people especially girls marriage is one of the best feelings and for them, it is a definitive conclusion of one’s love life. That is the reason why such people want to have this in their life in a grand way. In case your partner shows no interest in that then you definitely feel distressed.

2- Social behavior

A couple has to be together for so many public and societal functions. Suppose if there is a vast difference in between your nature and attitude towards the social parties and function then how it works. For example, if your partner is an introvert and you are extremely extrovert, or vice versa then this will create a problem.

Also if your partner like to sit at home doing nothing, whereas you love traveling and also like exploring things. Then he or she will definitely make your life bore. This, later on, becomes a point of the fight among each other. Furthermore, this leads to a situation where both of you doing nothing together due to totally opposite taste and likings. So, it is best to have same outing ideas and social skills and behavior.

3- Lifestyle

If your lifestyle is same then it really takes this relationship in a long way. But if it is not then it acts as a slow poison. Similarly, if you are looking to go together over a long distance then you must have common future plans. And in which common lifestyle is the most crucial thing. As we all know that our lifestyle involves your life as a whole.

You should clearly see that will it possible to have the same lifestyle in future. If it is so then you both will enjoy those busy weeks, lazy Sundays, clubbing nights, or enjoying shopping. If you both are just compatible and have matching lifestyle then there is more probability of spending more quality time together.

4- Kids

If you both are really in love with and also looking for marriage. Then the idea of kids is something which should be common with your partner. If one of the wants to have kids and other one does not think the same then this may create a big issue. If you still last to be with that person who wants something else and which you are not all interested in, then you are doing nothing just wasting your precious time. Thus at the end of the day, you will feel unsatisfied and even hurt. Furthermore, it will lead to a lot of arguments and fights over the topic of kids.

5- True nature and Hobbies

 We all have different hobbies, interest, and likings. It is not always same. But if few of them is same then whats bad in that, in fact, it is the best. We must look at some of the common behaviors in your partner particularly the thinking.

For example, If you are sympathetic, caring and kind, whereas your partner is indifferent, rude and uncaring. Then, in that case, do you really think you will be able to sustain a relationship. No matter how good it is the beginning and how much you compromise. It fine you are patient and want to give time to change the nature. But let’s face it will never going to change. Try to find a person who not only shares a common outlook but also respect you, your nature and wishes. Just try to create a future with somebody to whom you can show true nature and vice versa. It should never be the one who makes you compromise at every moment.

6- Fun-loving

Sometimes being silly is fun. If you are fun loving, likes laughing, cracking jokes then it will add a lot of love and happiness in the relationship. The capability to goof off, behave like an idiot and show your susceptibilities is something which you must see them in a partner. If you are fun loving and he is super serious, if you make funny voices, cracks jokes and he or she is just so boring,  likes to sit ideally, then you will soon find irritating and annoying.

7- Openness and Expressing

Being open to your partner is really important in a relationship. One has to be very expressive in front of your partner. Ultimately he is the one to whom you want to spend your entire life with. If you are so open, expressive, then your partner should also be expressive. You both should equally share your views, feelings, emotions. It should be discussed without any hesitation. Do you know what is the best way to express? Tell your partner what you are feeling and what you want to talk about at that moment only when it arises in your heart without wasting a single minute. Don’t wait how it feels, what partner may think about etc. This is a thing which must be common for the couple. Just being open create magic in a relationship.

8- Forgiveness and Empathy

Forgiveness and being empathetic is really important in a relationship. Both the partners should have this in common. It is said in every kind of relationship these two things are very important. It is believed that if Anger, frustration, dissatisfaction left unsettled, then it totally damage trust and create unnecessary fights and problems. So, try to forgive your partner, discuss the problem and must resolve the issue soon. Just try to have empathetic nature in common if you both have the same nature then things will never go wrong.

9- Motivation

Motivation is important to have in common. Suppose your partner is really strong minded or lazy and you are just opposite to it then it will not work for a long run. The relationship will sustain if either both have a lazy and relaxed attitude or both are highly motivated or ambitious. If you have certain desires to fulfill and your partner also has the same then it is the- best things. One should not forget that lazy and motivated person can never go on the same train for long. The person may never like a lazy attitude of his or her partner and soon it will create bitterness and frustration in the relationship.

10- Adaptable nature

Last but not the least the adaptable nature. Guys if a couple has a highly adaptable nature then how tough the situation is they can easily overcome. Having the adaptive nature can easily allow you to be comfortable in the time when he acts just opposite to you. If both of you have such nature then even if you have few things which are totally uncommon then also you can happily sustain your relationship. Such people easily settle down and resolve the most difficult argument without hurting the feelings of the other. This type of people gives rise to a win-win situation which is best in any relationship.

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