The unsolved mystery of balancing rock at MahabalipuramMahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are  various unique places and objects at Mahabalipuram which are associated with the unsolved mysteries. There is one most famous thing whose mystery is still unsolved. Yes, you guess it right it is the mystery of balancing rock at Mahabalipuram. This rock is also called as Krishna’s Butterball in Mahabalipuram.

 This balancing rock of Mahabalipuram placed with its awkward position makes it very popular among the tourists and foreigners. This awkwardly positioned rock has a mystery that even science could not to explain.

 About rock

The balancing rock is  20 feet high and 5-meter wide rock. It is anticipated to weigh around 250 tons.It shows to pull off a balancing act in such a slippery area.

This being rock of Mahabalipuram is also better known as Krishna’s Butter Ball. It is surprising to know that it stands on a high slippery area in an extremely small space of a hill.

It is really difficult to imagine how this big structure could remain stationary at a small place. Where even a small lightweight thing could not stand. Do you know that this balancing rock is here at one place without an inch shift from over 1200 years? There is a lot of research going on by the physics scientist but they could not able to find an exact reason behind it.

The original name of balancing rock of Mahabalipuram is “Vaanirai Kal”. The original name is in Tamil language and it is also known as the “Stone of The Sky God”

Possible Theories associated with it-

There is a lot of theories given by the physicist on the balancing rock. As per the scientist and physicist belief and theories, the rock is naturally formed. But it is hard to believe by some scientist. According to them the natural form of a huge structure is highly implausible. It is tough to believe that the natural corrosion can also turn into the big and heavy structure that balancing rock has.

The science:

Scientist says that as per conventional physics theories the structure requires a 250-ton rock has an unbelievable chance of being at rest in a 4 feet area for such a long period of 1200 years. The rock is said to remain at a stationary position on a 4 feet area of the hill. It is really tough to understand how this heavy ball is not yet slipped. Because if it has a heavy foothold it would have rolled down fast.

The push attempt:

There are various push attempts performed by the authorities but they failed . in the year 1908 Governor of Madras Mr. Arthur Lawley wanted to get it removed. He wanted to remove as the huge rock may prove to be dangerous to the nearby homes. So he employed around seven elephants to push the rock but it could not move a little. Everyone was literally shocked to see the magic as the even the seven elephants could not able to move a rock from its place. Thus, in the end, the task was rejected.

What do Hindu myths say

According to the Hindu myths Lord Krishna had an unquenchable appetite for butter. Krishna is very fond of butter from the childhood only. He usually snitches a few from his mother’s butter jar. It is said that the huge rock is nothing but the large mass of butter which the Krishna steal from his mother jar of butter. It is located on a hill slope near the Ganesh Ratha at Mahabalipuram

It is believed that this must be the magic of Lord Krishna due to which this rich remain stationary at one place for over 1200 years. Though many scientists, government authorities tried hard to push it they could not able to remove it from its place. Also, it never hurts anybody. In fact, it adds beauty to the place and gives calm and peace to the visitors.


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