The story of Student of the Year 2 is revealed

The story of Student of the Year 2 is revealed

The story of Student of the Year 2 is revealed The Karan Johar student of the year which has created a lot of buzz in the entire country and considered as a blockbuster hit will soon going to hit the screen again with its sequel. Yes, you heard it right that its sequel Student of the Year 2 will about to come this year only. And also the hints regarding the scripts and story of the Student of the Year 2 is also revealed by Karan Johar.

The Karan Johar’s campus drama ‘Student of the Year’ came into the theater in 2012. When the news of its sequel Student of the year2 came it created a lot of curiosity among the entire country. Now Bollywood lovers are eager to know about the story and star cast who are playing the lead roles etc in the Student of year 2. The sequel is directed by Punit Malhotra and it is financed by none other than Karan Johar Dharma Productions. You will be really happy to know that ‘Student OF The Year 2’ will go to hit the screens on November 23, 2018.

In this article, we will be going to represent some real information regarding your most awaited movie Student of the Year –

Karan Johar  Godfather to many ambitious talents

We know that Karan Johar is popularly acknowledged as a Godfather to many ambitious talents who aspire to be a part of big Bollywood industry. He earlier launched three actors who are one of the most successful and popular actors of today. Our favorites  Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra who won million of million hearts by their outstanding performance in the in the 2012 college drama ‘Student of the Year’.

After 5 years, the filmmaker is again ready to launch 3 fortunate actors who will be supposed to be the stars of tomorrow. He is launching Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria with a sequel to the blockbuster Student of the Year 2. These lead actors were officially announced in front of media by Karan.

We all know that Varun and Siddhartha and Alia left a long-lasting mark in their introduction film. There must be a lot of pressure and hope from the new and talented actors who are leading the sequel Student of the Year 2. It must be really exciting and fascinating to watch whether the new faces along with Tiger will able to match up to the expectation and hope of not only and filmmakers but also the Bollywood lovers across the world.

The story of Student of the Year 2 must be the different one

Earlier in the Student of the year first part. Alia Bhatt is the only lead actress among the two lead male roles. But in this Tiger Shroff will going to be the star of the movie as he is the only male actor in the lead role. Earlier we have seen Alia who is romancing with two boys Siddharth and Varun. But this time it is different as Tiger will be seen romancing with the two different girls in the same movie. The Tiger shroff must be playing the major role in the movie and story is also revolving entirely around him in the sequel Student of the Year 2.

A tough war between Ananya or Tara

Since there are two female leads in the movie there must be a tough competition among the two talented actresses. Both have to work really hard in order to impress the audience. As Alia has already set a high mark which created a lot of hope from both the actress. It will be really interesting to watch acting war among the two beautiful girls in the movie. And everyone is excited to see who will be going to win the race.

About Ananya Panday

Do you know who Ananya is? If you are steady on social networking sites and also a big follower of Bollywood giants and their party sights. Then you must have encountered an adorable and innocent face. This face is none other than Ananya Panday who is the daughter of the popular actor Chunky Panday. When she turned to 19, the young innocent girl soon becomes a favorite of media and Bollywood channels.

 In the year 2017, she has completed her schooling and graduation from Dhirubhai Ambani International School. After this, she tried her launch in acting and seriously lucky she was. As she got the opportunity to be launched by none other than the godfather of Indian cinema Karan Johar.

It is to be informed that there are many star kids who have tried for this role but Ananya is fortunate enough to be a part of this blockbuster sequel.Do you know that there are many beautiful and talented star kids such as  Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor was supposedly under thought for the said role in Student of the year 2? Finally, it was Ananya ho grabbed it.

About Tara Sutaria

Karan Johar other discovery is an aspiring actress Tara Sutaria. She is neither a star kid nor she has any connections with the Bollywood actors and actresses. The girl has an immense acting talent for killing looks that made her fortunate enough to be a part of the sequel.

Do you know that she is not fresh to showbiz?  As she has already worked in the Television industry. This  22-year old  Tara had made her acting debut at a very young age. She performed in a TV show at the mere age of  15 years. Then went on to chase her diverse interests. Besides acting, Tara is also very obsessive about singing and dancing. She is skilled in Latin American dances, classical ballet and modern dance which is just enough to attract the filmmakers. Apart from all this, she is also a trained professional singer and singing for 7 years.  She shows her singing talent at operas and competitions. The sequel ‘Student of the Year 2’ will be Tara’s first Bollywood movie.

Samir Soni replaced Rishi Kapoor in ‘Student Of The Year 2’ and he was not playing the gay person

We all remember the comic and funny character of Principal which was played by great actor Rishi Kapoor. But in the sequel Student of the Year 2, Samir Soni has seemingly replaced Rishi Kapoor. Now he will be going to play the role of the college principal in the movie.

As per the sources  the actor himself definite the news of the replacement. Also one thing he revealed that the character that Samir is playing is not of gay. As we know in the earlier part the Rishi Kapoor act the role of college principal who was a gay person  in the movie.

Samir had confessed something among the media. He said that he is totally nervous and enthusiastic to pace into his Rishi’s shoes. Rishi Kapoor  who is a renowned actor. But he is determined uttering that he’s “seeing forward to the challenge. Also, he will do his best to entertain the audiences as Rishi sir did.

He seemingly disclosed that ‘Student of the year 2’ will be entirely the fresh story. In this case, it is just the franchise which is being carried forward not the story

The same school is shown in the ‘Student Of The Year 2’

The first schedule which is of 2 months of the Student of the Year 2 will be shot in Dehradun, Mussoorie, and Rishikesh.

After this, the crew will again come to Mumbai and then directed to Pune for another month-schedule whih is going to be the long one.

It is really nice to see the same school again. As the sequeal of the movie  is going to be shot at Saint Teresa of Dehradun. It is the same school which was shown in the Student of the year.

This isa all about the information regarding the Student of the year 2. We all are really wating to see the movie in the theater. Hope the sequeal movie will entertain in the same way as the first part did. We really wish all the best to the new actor and the film makers. Lets see how much buzz this movie will create in the coming months.


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