The Government petition on SC/ST Act is overruled which has created a lot of chaos among Dalits. This leads to the huge protests by the Dalits in five states. The order which supposedly deteriorated a strict law to guard Dalits against violence is necessary “safeguard” according to the Supreme court. The aim of the Supreme court is to safeguard the innocents and also they have not weakened the law in any manner. The Supreme Court has overruled the petition to suspend its order which is previously declared. The order regarding stopping immediate arrest under SC/ST Act.

This is for blamed states that are responsible for killing 9 lives. According to the community of Dalits, the top court order had totally deteriorated a law which was actually meant for safeguarding the underprivileged Dalits. The order of March 20 was totally against Dalit. The give rise to the huge protest by Dalit’s that swept through five states on 2nd April and affected 9 innocent lives.

The below written is the 10-point cheat sheet on Bharat Bandh which was called against the order of  Supreme Court regarding SC/ST Act:

1- The Supreme Court started after going through the earlier order which is related to stopping the arrest of accused under the SC/ST act without the need for police verification. This also permits to get bail instantly. This means within an hour also. It said “Liberty can’t be taken away without a preliminary inquiry. There shouldn’t be any terror in society for innocent persons.

2- The judges are ready to hear the government’s appeal regarding reviewing its March 20 order in two weeks. The court states that the court is not against the SC/ST Act. However, the court has refused the petition of suspending the order which is passed on 20 March.

3- The court also said that those who are accountable for the huge Dalit objections, may not have well versed with the previous order.  As per the Chief Justice Dipak Misra” There are tremendous discontent and agitation in society against this verdict. We are not in conflict. The agitations may be held by vested interests,”

4- Yesterday, the Union home minister Rajnath Singh addressed in the Lok Sabha. He said that there has been no “dilution” in the government’s stand on the SC/ST Act. “Rather, after coming to power and examining the SC/ST Prevention Atrocities Act, we have taken a decision to strengthen it.” He also added that the government did not participate in the case. The case in which March 20 order was sent by the top court.

5-Innocent people died in yesterdays protests

There are around nine people who died in the yesterday protest in five states Also, the Dalit community went all-out to impose the countrywide strike. Highways were blocked in some areas and also vehicles burnt.

Also, the trains were also stopped which created a lot of trouble to the public of 5 states. The police even conflicted with protestors in some of the cities and towns. This includes Ranchi in Jharkhand and Alwar and Barmer in Rajasthan.

6- BJP leader and ministers have also raised questions about the usefulness of the strike when the government has already filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. They have also blamed the opposition parties for playing politics.

7- Senior Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala has also interrogated why the government delayed for filing a petition of reviewing order till 13 days. Why they have not taken a call instantly on the same day. According to him “When the Supreme Court served the Centre a notice, why did the Modi government not send the Solicitor General? Why did they file a review on the day of Bharat Bandh?”.

8- It was sad to hear that over six deaths took place in Madhya Pradesh region. Here curfew was acknowledged in the 3 districts. It includes Morena, Bhind, and Gwalior. After this severe broke out of violence the government had totally blocked the cellphone network, internet in all three districts of M.P.

Lots of people died in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

9- Two people also died in the Uttar Pradesh, which observed extensive clashes and arson. Due to this protests, the schools and colleges of the Meerut have been closed today. According to the police, the main conspirator behind all this clashes and protests is the Mayawati party leader. This is considered as the state’s Dalit powerhouse. The 48-year-old former lawmaker Yogesh Verma was also arrested in the today.

10- The Dalit community also blamed that the order given by the Supreme Court deteriorates the strict anti-atrocities law. Furthermore, the Centre remains unsuccessful in highlighting two important facts in court. First one is the high rate of violence in the community and the terribly low rate of a sentence. They also contend that the modification in law at this point may create lots of issues in the long run.


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