Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is going to be 31 this year.Kangna, who won 3 times National Award, is also famous in the industry for her grumbling.

Kangana B-Town, born in the small town of Himachal Pradesh on March 23, 1987, always talks about her bold character, acting and personal life.


Here below are some statements given by her till now

On the Breakup with Hrithik Roshan 

Kangana in one of her interview last year said that, “It is important for all of us to keep those memories during love-affair, sperm stains or gifts given by them”.

Whenever the partner bends away with the time spent with you, it means he is trying to escape. It is a sure proof and the answer comes in our hand.

During the promotion of the 2015 release Katti Bati

Kangana passed a bold statement saying that she did not have any problem in giving intimate results. After shooting such scenes, they do not say, “Shawl has said, save my respect! No one can see my Clevelies, save me!”.

In an interview about the early period of the career

Kangana had said, “At the age of 18, Kreami wanted to roll, because I thought that this would get the chance.” I do not think any A- Grade movies, today I have made 50-50 films of both kinds.”

Kangana had said in a 2016 interview on love and relation with fans and close friends

“When I was shameless, cypopath, prostitute, cheeky, deceitful people still respected me, which is achievement in itself.

Kangna in her starting stage of career

Kangana started her career at an early age, she says, “When I started my career, I was treated like a dog.

The people of the industry used to behave like I did not have the right to raise voice, I do not need it. If I could not speak in English then I used to make fun of me. ”


Kangana reacted on reports of “Aashiqui 3”

Kangana had indirectly accused Hrithik Roshan by saying that, “I do not know why such stupid things get for X-boyfriend’s attention?”

“I have dated a doctor, actor and model. Unfortunately I have had a lot of respect for many men but everyone has got to learn the same things.”

On the question of Comparison from the second actresses of Kannada

Kangana said that “I do not consider anyone to be a cometter.Tell the name of any actress who can play Datta (Kangna’s character in Tanu Weds Manu Returns) or Queen.”

Kangana had said in the ‘Nude Seas’ in Rangoon

“According to me, Bhardwaj was very happy about me, I do not consider my body like an open vault. I do not think my body is an open vault. I can make a difference. ”

On the question of doing films with superstars

Kangana said, “When you do films with superstars, you do not get the same opportunity. The characters are written for them and the audience only reaches them. I want a roll in which both are equal. ”

In Karan Johar’s show ‘Coffee With Karan’

Kangana had made many allegations against him. He said, “If ever I become a biopic, then you will play the role of such a famous person who will be very vicious, who will promote brother-niece and will be called a movie mafia.”

Sharing the experience of having a small town girl

Kangana has grown in the small town of Himachal Pradesh. She said, “We are only expected to grow up beautiful and get married soon. But I was not less than a pain for the parents, a child like me, any mother-Bap will not want. ”

Kangana Ranaut is a very talented actress with some great movies in her kitty Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

Read on to know what Kangana actually said and decide for yourself whether she should have or shouldn’t have said it…


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