The Baap of AK 47 - AK 103 to be in IndiaIt is most surprising news to our Indian army that the most famous Kalashnikov rifle commonly known as the Baap of AK 47 that AK 103 is to be made in India itself. Now we don’t need to import it from other countries. The government is working with Russia under the make in India for starting the production of AK 103. When it will produce in India, it will be really useful for the troops that are stationed at Famous Royal Indian Army and Border.

It is said that the concerned Indian officer will soon go to Russia for initiating the talks on this matter. When asked from the Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. She explained that India is trying its best and it will soon go ton start the production of AK 103.

The government is now ready to initiate its plan of manufacturing the famous Kalashnikov rifles AK 103 in India for the Indian Army.  This will go to start soon as now new specifications are added which will permit AK-103 rifles to fit into the bill and standards of the Indian army.

How India will produce the Baap of AK 47 – AK 103

As per the reports the Indian production company will join forces with the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). A Kalashnikov production factory is going to set up in India. Last year the Russian government had given the proposal of manufacturing world Famous AK-103 rifle to India. But at that time it was not in line with the standards and rule of an Army.

 However, the army has added some new explanations in the 7.62 calibers category unauthorized rifle. Due to the addition of these new explanations,  Indian army will now make a use of AK 103.

This rifle is expected to produce in India in collaboration with the Ordinance Factory Board. In starting some rifles will be positioned in India. But later on, they will be produced in the country. Firstly they will be made for the Indian army. After that, they can also be made for exporting to other countries.

Now India will stop the production of AK 47 and only  AK 103 will be produced

Though AK 47 Kalashnikov is considered as a better option for AK 103 rifle, Still, India will soon produce AK 103 version. AK 103 is the most advanced version of Kalashnikov rifles whereas AK 47 Kalashnikov just a basic model of the rifle.  AK 103 is recognized as Hi-tech as and much better than AK 47. It is due to various factors such as light, short, and more deadly than AK 47. Thus the feature of this rifle made it makes it perfect for the army officers while dealing with the cruel terrorists. AK 103 is considered to be more deadly as AK 47. As it has the ability to up to 500 meters away. The range which is army is demanding for years.

AK103 will be used against Pakistani terrorist

 AK-47 has come into lights when trained Pakistani terrorists used it against the Indian army in 1990 Kashmir battle. This forced the army to upgrade their weapons in order to win the fight. Due to the perfect caliber, it can be used in the operation against the terrorists. This will also decrease the death of soldiers as AK 103 is the more deadly target and can target up to 500 meters away. At the same time, it is not just lightweight but also contains a lot of connected devices such as night vision and sights devices which may prove to be very useful on the battlefield. It is best suited for hinterland and counter-insurgency operations performed by the army officers.

Over  100 countries use this hi-tech AK 47 rifle

Kalashnikov Rifle commonly called AK 47 is majorly used by armies of various countries. It is used by armies of  106 countries. It is really interesting to know that the blueprint of this rifle is not made in the lab by the scientists. In fact, this deadly gun is prepared by the person who was sick, laying in the hospital bed. The name of the brilliant mind is Mikhail Kalashnikov.



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