Online learning is a convenient, portable learning option providing learning at a your-own place. Even the youngest students can get benefit from this right platform.

YouTube got started with music videos and giggling baby clips over a decade ago. Many individuals which are committed to education have launched their own channels to deliver free content to students across globe.

Here are some of the best-featured learning tools available on YouTube

Pre-K: Mother Goose Club:

This channel is dedicated to reinventing classic nursery rhymes.

Mother Goose Club is featured on PBS since 2009 aims at preparing children by exposing them to concepts like rhyme. It helps them to fastly identify new words.

Their goal is to get little learner familiar with the cast of characters and start singing along. So be prepared to listen to childhood tunes on the first day of kindergarten.


Kindergarten: Alphablocks

The letter characters in the Alphablocks stories are cast very cutely.

Episodes are scripted very smartly which enforce the introduction of new words using the plot. The letters are sounded out individually multiple times to help develop new reader good habits.

There are various episode on this channel. One such episode focus on the letter “w”. It will trick kids to think that they are watching a cartoon about a sailboat race. The real outcome of this app is easy recognition of words like “wind,” “weep,” and “wait.”

Kindergarten: Brain Candy TV

Brain Candy TV makes sure that your little learner is on track with math. They provide well-animated videos, covering concepts like counting to 1,000 and adding small numbers.

It has 3-D visualizations of monster trucks engaging with plot elements. It is similar to scores in a sport’s competition used to enforce the educational component.

The YouTube channel provides a straightforward layout of other subjects including alphabet practice and the planets of the solar system.

1st-2nd grade: San Diego Zoo Kids

It makes sure that your little learner is exposed to a world beyond the screen. The San Diego Zoo’s channel focus on bringing the wonders of the entire animal kingdom into your home. It does it with amazing facts and clear explanations provided along the way.

To keep kids engaged, videos like “Rhino Crash Course” includes questions needs to be guessed out by your kids.  It helps animal lovers to slowly learn the basics of differences between species. It set the stage for more complex scientific observations down the road.

3rd-4th grade: It’s Okay to Be Smart

Most kids around age 2 or 3 have the question “why”. Thus to create a true foundation of lifelong learning it teaches kids to keep asking questions.

Biology Ph.D. Joe Hanson provides several explanations to diverse topics that are fascinating for adults. It might range from “how does an igloo keep you warm?” to “how did the toilet change history?” It combines scientific expertise knowledge of history and culture with the sense of humor. Dr. Hanson will have young learners who are eager to impress their friends. It includes the facts that they are unlikely to learn from an elementary school classroom.

5th-6th grade: TED-Ed

Ted-Ed provides simplified explanations to complex subjects, coming from leaders in a specific field.

Videos striking balance between work and play with clever riddles is used as a source of healthy family competition.

5th-6th grade: The Brain Scoop at the Field Museum

Learners can see research processes ranging from a tour of gem room to a step look at skinning a wolf.

The more graphic videos do include viewer discretion notices and a “gross-ometer”. Thereby focus on young learner to work her way up to the more intense content.

7th-8th grade: Socratica

Socratica is a multi-dimensional channel that learners will refer to high school. It involves coding tutorials, periodic table memorization tools, and speed-reading tips.

This channel is worth exploring Python at home and straightforward explanation of an algebraic concept.

It is a major stress relief when it comes to studying for first middle school exams.  The video improvises internet search results put a student well ahead of his or her peers.

9th Grade and up: MinutePhysics

MinutePhysics aims at younger audiences, for high school students trying to keep up with latest developments in science and technology. This channel provides straightforward explanations to complicated topics.

It breaks down subjects like the science of cloning and the debates around artificial intelligence. Thereby using clever animations are combined with real-world contextualization.

It benefits both sci-fi lovers and followers of current events from scanning the channel’s latest additions on a regular basis.

9th grade and up: SoulPancake

Kids often begin to grapple with many of the personal and societal issues as adults.

SoulPancake is a channel that demonstrates the importance of open dialogue by asking tough questions about life’s major challenges.

Videos on this channel include “Reverse Assumption like What can you learn about a person without seeming them?” and “What it’s like to be incarcerated at age 16.”


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