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PNB reveals additional fraud of Rs 1,300 crore

PNB has disclosed an additional unauthorized transaction related to the scam by Billionaire Nirav Modi and Mehul Chauksi as this increases the estimated size of fraud of Rs 1322 crore. This increase means the total fraud now about Rs...

PNB Scam: PNB transferred 18000 employees

The scam which took in PNB national bank of worth 11,356 crores. After which 18,000 employers transferred within a period of three days. This action takes place on the order of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). The highest impact of...

PNB Scam 5716 Cr seized like beating the streak

According to the report and sources of the Enforcement Directorate, Assets as much as 5716Cr in a PNB Scam seized. The Law Enforcement Agency said 39 raids conducted, including 10 in Mumbai. Along with PNB Scam 5716Cr seized, The...