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Stormy Daniels Details – Trump Affair

In Stormy Daniels interview to Anderson Cooper on CBS's "60 Minutes" program, she said she had unprotected sex with Donald Trump once in 2006, and was threatened by a man in a parking to keep quiet about the sexual...

Will the trump choice prove to be dangerous?

President Donald Trump finally appointed John Bolton as the National security advisor. He is the former ambassador to the United Nations in the administration of Bush. John replaces National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Thursday afternoon. Bolton’s new job was...

Meeting of Kim-Trump is a pin in Chinese balloon

President Trump's has decided to meet North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un by the end of May. It might pose both risks and opportunities for China. The U.S. is planning to launch a military strike on North Korea. Chinese President...

Priyanka Chopra Messed up with American President Donald Trump

Priyanka Chopra is the now a global icon. Although, she always try to depict herself as a cryer who misses India very much. Nobody can deny the fact that Priyanka is ruling over America just like she does in...