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6 Bollywood Celebrities slapped by Salman Khan

There are many Bollywood celebrities who are slapped by Salman Khan. Yet Salman Khan is known as the godfather of Bollywood. The superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan has always been in controversies for his acts. Salman Khan who is...

16 Bollywood Celebrities involved in Criminal Cases

Apart from a common man, Bollywood celebrities also have criminal records. From drunk and drive case to sexual assault many of these Bollywood stars are caught in these criminal cases and have even gone to jails. From Salman Khan to...

Do you know where your Bollywood stars stay while their Holidays

You know where Favorite stars stay at while enjoying the holidays. And how much they pay to stay at these places. You can also go and stay in these places, provided you have enough money in the pocket. Shahrukh Khan...