Supreme court verdict on Judge BH Loya death Case


Supreme court verdit on mysterious Judge BH Loya death CaseIt is more than 3 years after the death of judge BH Loya. But still, people have lots suspicion regarding the BH Loya death case. They always have a question whether judge BH Loya was murdered or it is just a natural death. However, on 19 April 2018, the Supreme Court had dismissed appeal looking for an autonomous inquiry into his death. There are around five petitions called for an investigation into the case later the death of the 48-year-old special CBI judge in December 2014.

What is the Judge BH Loya death Case?

The 48-year-old judge has a charge of handling a murder case. The case in which BJP chief Amit Shah was among the accused when he died of a heart attack in 2014.

Loya died in Nagpur where he went to attend the wedding of his friend’s daughter. He was staying with his fellow judges Shridhar Kulkarni and Shriram Madhusudan Modak, Justice Gavai at the Ravi Bhavan VIP guest house in Nagpur.

At night around 4 a.m., he complained of chest pain. According to Justice Shukre, Vijaykumar Barde, a local judge, took Loya to Dande Hospital in his own car. Justice Gavai said there was another car too which followed them, which belonged to Rupesh Rathi. However, Some newspaper reported that he was taken to hospital by an auto. It is not proven whether he was taken by judges in an auto or car. Also as per google map, Dande hospital is only 6 minutes away. But the hospital reports told that judge loyal arrived in between 4:45 to 5:00 a.m. This is a mystery which is not yet solved.

Also, the date of ECG taken at the hospital is wrong. This creates a doubt whether there are any treatments happen or not.

However, when Loya was next taken to Meditrina which is a larger private hospital of Nagpur, he was stated dead on arrival. Then the controversy started whether he has a natural death or Amit Shah was involved in his murder.

Supreme Court order on Judge BH Loya death case displays judiciary cannot be misled

Supreme court verdit on mysterious Judge BH Loya death CaseAccording to the home minister Rajnath Singh, Supreme Court order refusing the appeal for an investigation into Judge BH Loya death case has cleared many doubts. This has probably conveyed the note that the judiciary cannot be “misinformed” by accusations. This misinformation which is arises due to the political battle.

 In a sequence of tweets, Rajnath Singh critiqued the numerous attempts to object the BJP and its top leaders through false cases.

He also said that the Supreme Court order elevated stern queries on the real intent behind the filing of such complaints.

The Supreme court verdict has created a Political war on Twitter

One can see an instant reaction of political leaders regarding the verdict of Supreme court on Twitter. The opposition and ruling parting is literally fighting by throwing tweets against each other. A number of protesters, ‘liberals’ and the Congress party have tried to generate political center out of the Supreme Court verdict on judge BH Loya case.

As per the Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala, no proper investigation took place in  Judge Loya death case. He also addresses in the press conference that “How can anyone decide if Judge Loya died a natural death without a probe.”

Other than this prominent Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also tweeted against the verdict. He said that Indians are extremely intelligent. Many Indians impulsively recognize the truth about Mr. Amit Shah. The truth has its own way of holding up with people like him.

In reply to Rahul Gandhi Minister of State, PMO Jitendra Singh says Rahul Gandhi must show his apologies to Amit Shah. As he has no right to say anything like this.

He said “If Rahul Gandhi is suspicious on the credentials of the Judiciary, then he is also disbelieving the credentials of all the inquiries and proofs.

Nitin Gadkari also tweeted that this Supreme court verdict on BH loya death case has uncovered the Congress ugly politics. As this was done to needlessly destruct the BJP’s image by pointing party president Amit Shah.



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