A report has come out; from a popular website, they found that now a day’s Sunny Leone is helping a farmer these days. This help is not to give money it’s different. A farmer of Andhra Pradesh has put a poster of Sunny Leone’s in Red Bikini in the field to save his crop from bad eyes, in banda kindi Palle village in Nellore (AP).

Farmer Chenchu Reddy put Sunny Leone’s bikini photo poster in the field, like “kaak bhgoda” at his farm. Chenchu says my farm is near to the road, every person who goes by looks at my crops. So in order to divert their attention, I  set up these posters. And everybody diverts by that.

He says that he is very happy because of this trick because it works to save his crop from bad eyes, according to Chenchu, this year he has harvested 10 acres.

For this, he made a big poster (flax) of Sunny Leone. And the poster he wrote in the Telugu language, hey, do not cry or feel jealous of me, speaking on this matter, Sunny Leone is helping a farmer these days. The special thing is that on this, the farmer says that he has benefited a lot from applying the poster.

If we believe in Chenchu

He says the idea is working and now he no longer sees his crop with any evil or bad eye. Indeed, people look at Sunny Leone, and the people are not seen on the crop, and whenever they pass through the fields, the poster looks. With this preference, my crop is saved by the evil eye.

Reddy says that he doesn’t know who Sunny Leone is. But once he told that problem to his friend. On this, he advised them to put Sunny Leone posters in the field. And he did that and he says that his remarkable results actually came to him. There is nothing wrong with it, no one has approached me saying that, it is unpleasant or has claimed it is indecent.

Unneeded to say, people have a good laugh after that report of Reddy posturing next to Sunny hit the social media.


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