SRK gets special honour at WEF

SRK gets special honor at WEF
SRK gets special honor at WEF

SRK gets special honour at WEF – The World Economic Forum, dedicated to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. It was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bollywood Superstar  Shah  Rukh  Khan received the 24th Crystal Award on Monday at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland for his leadership in championing children’s and women’s rights in India.

Shah Rukh expressed his thanks saying, “Extremely charged that I have had this amazing opportunity, this award, being recognized like this for little work that I did, I would like to do it with even more intensity. What is even more pleasing is that India is here in full power.

He said “I am genuinely and deeply grateful for this honour. It is indeed a privilege to be in the company of two phenomenal and extraordinary human beings and talent, Cate Blanchett and Sir Elton John,”.

He talked about his social initiative, which he has named after his father and the reason for the same. The 52-year-old Superstar also thanked his late mother, wife and his daughter for inspiring him. After thanking the WEF for the award, he finished his speech with Namaskar and ‘Jai Hind’. He has presented the award for “his leadership in championing children’s and women’s rights in India”.SRK expressed his thanks on social media and wrote, “Honoured to receive the @wef’s 24th Crystal Award, together with @eltonofficial and Cate Blanchett. He is the founder of the non-profit Meer Foundation, which provides support to female victims of acid attacks and major burn injuries through medical treatment, legal aid, special training, therapy and livelihood support. The Superstar has also been responsible for the construction of specialized children’s hospital wards and has supported childcare centers with a free vehicle for children undergoing cancer treatment. The prize awarded to him, given him more energy to do more work for the society as well as for the nation. He has mentioned the word “intensity” will be kept going and he has also mentioned the word “minuscule” word that he has done towards the nation. Earlier on Monday, he also posted in his signature open arm style right after reaching Davos.


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