Sri Reddy claims Tollywood industry top producer son forced her for sex

Sri Reddy claims Tollywood industry top producer son forced her for sex

Sri Reddy claims Tollywood industry top producer son forced her for sexIt seems that Sri Reddy has decided to destroy the whole Tollywood industry. She has already made a lot of claims against various tollywood celebrities regarding casting couch in the Tollywood industry. Again she took a shocking step in which Sri Reddy claims Tollywood industry top producer son forced her for sex with him. She said that the son of the top producer of Tollywood industry sexually exploited her without her wish. Though, Sri Reddy didn’t reveal the name of the person. But claimed that person often forces her to have sex with him.

As per the statement was given by Sri Reddy, “He used to take me to the studio and he used to f**k me. He is the son of a top producer who is ruling the Telugu film industry. His son used to force sex (on me). He would ask me to come to the studio and I said I will go only to talk, not for any sexual act. But after going there, he used to force (me to have) sex.”

Tollywood film industry people use studios for sexual acts

According to Sri Reddy, film industry, rich producers and directors make use of studios for their ‘sexual’ act with the innocent newcomers. These are not the studios for auditions, in fact, these are the Brothels for prostitution.

 However, she didn’t disclose the identity of a person. But she promised that she will soon disclose the name of the person. Also, she has some photographs that will sufficient to prove him wrong.

Fans of Sri Reddy questioned her

The Sri Reddy’s accusation not only created a lot of sensation in entire Tollywood industry.But also raised so many questions in the mind of her fans and followers.

The fans raised their questions by tweeting on a twitter account. They wrote“Who is unnamed producer’s son who exploited budding actress? #SriReddy.

North Indian girls easily get ready for sexual acts

Along with dreadful exposure of casting couch in the Tollywood industry. Sri Reddy also gave some appalling comments against the north Indian girls who aspire to become an actress in the tollywood industry.

In one of the statement, Sri Reddy cited that North Indian girls do not show any problem in indulging themselves in the sexual act. They agree in order to get the entry in the films. These girls are ready for the sexual favors. She said, “For the last 10-15 years, we are only watching North Indian girls as the heroine. Why not Telugu girls?

Also, she answered the questions by saying that these North Indian girls give them sexual favors due to which they easily get an opportunity to work in films. On the other hand, the girls from local cities are not ready for the sexual acts.

Telugu women deny sexual favors so dint get chance in tollywood industry films

Sri Reddy revealed this is one of the biggest reason why Tollywood industry people are showing extreme interest in the other stateswomen. This is the only reason due to which they are getting roles in Telugu film industry, not the Telugu women.

It may be true

For them who don’t know. Sri Reddy is the one who stripped off her clothes in front of the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) headquarters in film Nagar at Hyderabad and urges for justice. She raised her voice against casting couch in the Tollywood industry.

The claim of casting couch and sexual harassment are considered to be the most serious allegations by Sri reddy against the entire Tollywood industry.

It must be true that the casting couch seriously prevails in the Tollywood industry which forced the actress to raise such shocking claims.

It is really shameful for the entire Telugu film industry people if the allegation put by the Sri ready proved to be right.

We hope that the nude protest did by the actress will remove all the dirty trends which is a part of film industry. The most important being the casting couch and sexual harassment. Let’s see how Tollywood industry superstars will react to allegations and how that top producer will react against the allegations.

Let’s see what new steps Sri Reddy will take in future.


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