Sonu Nigam Recieve Death Warning From Fundamentalist GroupBollywood’s famous singer Sonu Nigam, who tweeted the tone of ‘Ajan’s loud voice, ‘ in the past, has once again been in the limelight. The news is that his life is in danger and therefore, Maharastra police planning to increase security. Actually Maharashtra’s intelligence department has informed the Maharashtra Police in the Advisory that some radical organizations have been creating the murder of Sonu Nigam. According to the media report, sources in the intelligence report said that these fundamentalist organizations can target Sonu Nigam during a public place, event or promotion. Mumbai police became alert in such a way. Sonu Nigam had expressed an objection last year on the voice of Ajan coming in the morning. He later said that he opposed to the loudspeaker’s voice in the morning coming from Religious sites.

Sonu Nigam tweet was quite fierce. This tweet of Sonu Nigam divided the Bollywood into two parts. According to information, Sonu Nigam had left Twitter after this. With all   After the fatwa of Malviya, he shaved his head in front of the media. In this case, many fundamentalist groups had also given several furious threats against Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam had been in the limelight due to many controversial interpretations. Previous year Sonu gave his opinion on the uniform law in the country, namely Uniform Civil Code and three Divorce. Describing three divorces as a big ediction, he praised the government’s stand on this issue. It is worth mentioning that Sonu is known for giving the public opinion on public places. He had expressed his strong opinion on the National Anthem Peeh at Theatre, restaurant.

At the same time, he also had to say, “We all should respect our national anthem, if national anthem of Pakistan will play and all the Pakistanis will stand, then He will also stand in the honour of the national anthem”.On a personal note, every citizen has right to say their views, although one should also think then comment on any issue. One last line “such as think before you ink, likewise before saying anything think then say.”


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